MVA Cervicalgia - How I'm Still Dealing With It

Jul 16, 2017

It was one regular night of driving along I5 Southbound from Seattle that'll change my physical wellness and being forever. I just got off my regular closing shift and was heading home. Fifteen miles into my driving, at 60 miles per hour, I went to hit my brake to slow down as I approach the white car a couple of feet away from me as I saw his tail lights light up. I thought, "Why are we slowing down?". There was no traffic up ahead and it all happened in a wiff of an eye. I was approaching the white car too fast that I had to hit on my brakes at its fullest. I remember vividly the sound of my brakes screeching down the pavement making this loud noise. My hands were both on the wheels trying to keep the car in the lane as I rapidly scanned both sides to check if I can safely switch lanes to avoid hitting the car in front of me. Nope. So, I closed my eyes and waited for the impact.

BAM! BAM! BAM! I heard three loud noises that made my airbags deploy as I hit my body and head on the seat and bounced back to the airbag. Then, pfffffffffffttt. I heard steam or what seemed like air coming out of somewhere. I smelled burnt rubber. I knew I wasn't going to die, that I was simply going to crash into something and that something was going to crash in on me. Either way, both happened. I was alive, but in shock. I brushed off powder from the airbags from my face and checked myself to see if I was bleeding or something. My right thumb was hurting so bad as the airbag hit it upon deployment.

DIY Massage Therapy On A Budget
I felt numb as I tried to open the door to get out and see what happened. I couldn't. My door was stuck and I couldn't budge it to open. A few moments later, a guy came and helped me out. "Are you okay? You look pale." Of course I look pale - I just had my first motor vehicle accident thanks to the idiots who were given a driver's license, I thought to myself. He let me sit on the bumper of his car. Wait a minute. There's a cop here already? Where the hell did this cop come from?

A few minutes later, state patrol cars arrived and interviewed us one by one. I told my story, then the cop said, "The car in front of you isn't white, it's the black truck right there. He said you hit him." WTF? I told him, "No it was a white car and that truck was beside me on the carpool lane and he collided with me in MY lane". "Did you hit the car in front of you or you got hit at the back?" He asked after failing to insist that it was the black car that I hit. "I don't know. I don't know. It happened so fast." "Okay, you don't need to answer that now."

Six-car collision later, here I am, still dealing with the remnants of my first motor vehicle accident. The physical therapist said I had cervicalgia. A couple months later, I stopped attending sessions. I don't have time for such errands, and besides, it's not getting any better since the first day I started. It will get better after every session, but a couple hours after, it all comes back.

A year has passed, still having pain at the neck and the postero-lateral area beneath the right trapezius muscle. The therapist said it was my levator scap, but I think it's all muscles beneath it. Anyway, so how am I dealing?

Basically, anything that requires me to leave the house besides work is an errand. Therefore, massage therapies are errands and I don't like them. So, here I am, the Amazon junkie millennial looking for a cheap and convenient way to get massage at home. I found the Naipo products. They are awesome.

Naipo Shoulder Massager with Shiatsu Kneading Massage and Heat

That one above is what I currently use for my whole body. It's called Shiatsu Kneading Massage with Heat Therapy. At first it felt painful - imagine all the tight muscles I had. Afterwards, the good comes out. It was basically like two hands kneading on those pesky muscles. It hurt so bad, yet it felt so good. Seriously. And I seriously think that my car insurance should've paid for this. 

Naipo Neck Pillow Massager Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage with Heat for Relieving Back Neck and Shoulder Pain

This is another great product that's sleek and fits perfectly in the car. The only difference is that it does not have the hand rest or hand sling on it. Either way, I think they're pretty much the same. This one though is a little bit smaller than the first one. 

The Verdict

The Cervicalgia is not or at the most never going away for me. I think it is here to stay forever and all I can do is manage it therapeutically as much as possible to prevent from aggravating the pain. A few stretches here and there helps for a short period of time. 

My advice is that you drive safely, use your head, and be safe out there because you never know when accidents will happen. That's why it's called accident. Watch your blind spots and use your rear view mirror for the right side blind spot. 

Method Shower Spray - Don't Scrub, Spray

Jul 15, 2017

I have always been the OCD clean freak at the same time lazy cleaner. As much as possible, I would always want to clean in the shortest and most convenient way possible while of course saving cents at as well. You might even say I'm crazy because what I want is simple luxury. As a frugal millennial, part-time business student, full-time medical assistant, webpreneur, creative, and everything in between, yes -- I want simple luxury. It is possible and let me show you how in this post (and of course there's a ton more in other posts).

Method for Home 

For this simple bathroom cleaning hack and tip, all you need is Method. Not only is Method an extremely creative, vibrant, and cheerful brand, but it is also earth-friendly which is a plus for me. Nowadays, I prefer companies who curate and create for a good cause and this is why I support Method. Of course, their products are top notch, genuine, and smells really good.

The Tub Cleaning Conundrum

My bathroom is from the 80s, which makes it quite small, generic, and tubby. It's not a walk in shower but it is a tub. You know how it is to clean tubs - tiring. With all the bending and scrubbing, I just couldn't fathom the fact that I have to clean it on a weekly basis just to achieve a sparkling clean bath haven. However, Method answered my prayers. No more bending, scrubbing, kneeling, and cleaning on a weekly basis.

As I was scouring Amazon for a quicker and convenient clean, I came across various kinds and brands usch as automatic shower cleaners, the classic all-in-one bathroom cleaner, disposable scrub singles, and of course the shower cleaner sprayer.

Never Scrub That Tub Again

Method Shower Spray
Photo courtesy of Method

Trying things out is a fun thing especially if you come out to liking such as is the case for me and my tub cleaning escapades. On October 2016, I finally decided to give Method Shower Spray a try. Once I have tried it, I then decided to purchase in bulk because it's cheaper and 7 months and counting later at $36.49 for an 8pack, I still have 3 whole bottles left. All in all, I believe that it'll take me a year and more to finish up that $36.49 box of Method shower spray. Of course, you also have the potion to subscribe and save through Amazon, but it only comes out to 6 months at the very most, which is not the deal for me. I wish they would come up with longer months too.

How to Use Method Shower Spray

Well, you basically spray all over the tub and showerhead + handle after every bath. Period. Then, watch it stay clean, grime-free, and sparkly white every shower time.

The Method Shower Spray Verdict

Overall, it is a 4.5 over 5. The smell is great, but a little bit strong. That's the only con I can think of. The pros: No more scrubbing, no more dirty tub, hello sparkly tub, hello clean tub, and yes to a much more convenient life one less crappy chore at a time.

The Sharing Economy - How Millennials Live

Jul 9, 2017

Welcome to the "Sharing Economy" - the new economy of the millennials. In today's economy, we live differently - we live conveniently.

The Sharing Economy

Everything stemmed out from the concept of the sharing economy. Nowadays, people tend to live in a shared ecosystem, from home living to food consumption and work environment. Today, we are able to rent out spaces or kiosks for our personal or business needs. There are offices who rent out a seat and a computer for a small fee; Perfect for entrepreneurs and startup companies. There are subscription services of various kinds - from makeup to dog food, you name it. There's also the micro-gigs that freelancers do to earn extra income. It is a micro-economy, all about convenience and satisfaction. 

Travel Industry of the Shared Economy

Airbnb. You can rent out your home or a room of your home to travelers.
Car 2 Go. Car renting without hassles for people on the go. Drive these tiny cute cars at $0.41 per minute. 
Lyft Rideshare Service. Use your personal car to earn extra income by driving for people.
Uber Rideshare Service. Another startup company similar to Lyft. You should know this. 

Food Subscriptions & Deliveries of the Shared Economy

Boxed. Bulk groceries delivered to your doorstep.
Cafe Brit. Are you a coffeeholic? This is your tandem.
Candy Club. You guessed it right. This is for all those with the sweet tooth! Candy subscription! Yeah!
Caviar. Try Caviar, just like Postmates and Peachd and UberEats, you get your meal delivered to your home or office nice and warm. Oh, this one's owned by Square.
Graze. Healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep.
Peach Office Meal Delivery. A meal delivery service delivered every 12 noon right in your office for your office. Always free shipping. Sharing lunch delivery with your colleagues, one lunch at a time.
Plated. It is "dinner for people who love food".
PupJoy. Don't let the other member of the family get left behind -- they've got pawsome subscription services too!

Crowdfunding Platforms

Kickstarter. Have a brilliant idea in mind but no funds? Jump right in to the Kickstarter campaign and present your brilliant idea to the world. People who love your idea might just fund you the money you need to make it actually happen!
Go Fund Me. Another crowdfunding platform, but this time, it's more for a cause than Kickstarter.
CrowdFunder. Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and startups of the world.

Peer to Peer Lending

DropBox. File sharing or file lending - either way, this is still the new norm.
Prosper. A peer-to-peer investing platform that allows people to invest on people for as little as $25.
The Lending Club. A lending marketplace for both personal and business use, crowdfunded by the common people.

Gig Economy

Fiverr. Offer your services from $5 and up to earn extra income from doing what you like to do.

Jaanuu Scrubs Review

May 29, 2017

I have recently discovered this millennial medical apparel store called Jaanuu over at Facebook and was immediately stunned by the beauty of the scrub sets the company has! Hence, it led me to finally purchase a top since it was the most appealing that had my size (which was XXS). Take a look at the image below.

Image Copyright of
The top was made of antibacterial material and had the logo embroidered in gold-toned color. The zipper on the side made the apparel look exquisite and I believe this was the most appealing part of the clothing. It is true to size, however, I wish the arms were a bit smaller in diameter as I am pretty thin in stature. There are two pockets on each side for pens and whatnots as you go about hustlin' your day in the hospital or clinic.

The package came in a parcel stamped with the Jaanuu logo on it. It also came wrapped in delicate tissue paper sealed by its logo sticker in gold foil. There were approximately 5 cards; one thank you card and 4 share cards. The share cards are postcards you can send to your friends with a discount coupon code (Code: FRIENDS) at 20% off if I am not mistaken.

Overall, I would love to purchase more if and only if they will provide the XXS sizes in all of their styles. In the future, I think they will. I highly recommend! Quality is excellent. How was your experience so far?

Frugal Millennials Should Love Sam's Club

May 28, 2017

Millennials have been stereotyped as notorious happy-go-lucky spenders who do not intend to buy houses, but instead choose to rent their lives out. They are often known to be key participants of the sharing economy or peer-to-peer lending economy and do not intend to commit to one job forever. Yes, some of those are true. However, those are most often exaggerated in not so nice ways. I am a millennial and I like to save here and there and invest time and money to this and that. Hey, I love experience too. It doesn't matter how expensive or costly it might be, if I like it, I want to try it so long as I can afford it. Otherwise, maybe save for it or find an alternative to it.

Grocery shopping is upgrading to the next level with Amazon being the pioneer of online grocery shopping. I have been there, seen this, and experienced that, and eventually figured it is not the best option for someone who has too many subscriptions at hand. Well luckily, I am also a member of two other big time grocery chains -- Costco and Sam's Club.

Both chains save me a ton of money in terms of bulk buying and stocking. Overall, with two memberships in hand, it is a little bit doubtful. Having two memberships gives me $100/year of expenses. May or may not be too much, but then again, you get to have one extra household per membership which simply cuts it to about half ($50/year) if the other party offers to share the fee.

Unfortunately, Costco does not offer student membership perks to college students which isn't so bad. However, on the other hand, the Sam's Club's perk for college students is cool as it saves you $15 in membership dues. Overall, you only pay $85 for both stores and $30/year for a Sam's Club membership. Still awesome!

Why Frugal Millennials Use Sam's Club

Why two memberships for a wholesale chain? Common sense dictates that one does not always have the other's inventory. Obviously, Costco has more to offer but personally, Sam's Club gas is easily accessible from where I currently reside. Besides, it doesn't have the long lines that Costco always has.

Sam's Club Tips & Tricks for the Frugal Millennial

  • SHOP DISCOUNTED BULK MEAT. Discounted meats aren't that bad. All you have to do is re-freeze them to make 'em last. You'd probably say this is a bit dangerous for the health, but yes it's a gamble and so far, nothing has happened to me from doing this. 
  • PET LOVERS GALORE. If you have a pet, raw feeding and bulk buying at Sam's Club will save you a ton of time and money. Most importantly, this will give your pooch a long and healthy life. Some of the products to buy are chicken wings, boxed eggs, fresh meat, fresh poultry, and plain yogurt. Also, add those fruits and veggies for an almost complete diet. Moreover, you can buy the dog kibble if you are not on the BARF or raw meat diet. 
  • DON'T FORGET THE CLEARANCE. The clearance part may not be the loveliest of sights but you'll never know what treasure you may find. Since you're already there, drop by and say hi! 
  • BUY ONLINE, PICK UP IN-CLUB. One of the easiest things to do is buy online and pick up in-club. It is a surefire way to save since you'll be picking up right at the very front where you won't get tempted to impulsively buy unnecessary things as you walk along the aisles. 
  • BUY COOKED FOOD RIGHT OUTSIDE THE REGISTERS. They have good deals on their pizzas, sundaes, and hotdogs. Why not fill the tummy with a $1.50 hotdog, right? 
  • DON'T FORGET TO CALCULATE. Not everything in Sam's Club is of great value as compared to other stores. For example, if you have Amazon Prime, the Always Thin Liners are way cheaper than Sam's Club (last computed on May 28, 2017). Over at Amazon, it is priced at about $10-ish plus free shipping, while Sam's Club sells it for $9.98 plus $4.72 shipping which totals to $14-ish all in all. 
  • TOILETRIES TO BUY. The Member's Mark brand of toilet paper is made of great quality materials that I highly recommend as compared to Costco's. Again, this is of my own opinion and I know that most bloggers are on the contrary. I am just the millennial who goes for quality and convenience too, at the same time save on some other things if I can kind of millennial.
  • LAUNDRY & SOAP. Everything soapy is great if you buy the Member's Mark brand such as the Member's Mark laundry detergent and Member's Mark fabric softener. It is as good as Downy or Tide
  • BUY DIY CARPET CLEANER RECIPE. If you have pets, babies, or carpet at home, you can save by concocting your very own carpet cleaner. It's easier than your think and costs cents for a whopping gallon of it as compared to roughly $12.99 of Bissell soap that you might consume in one day depending on how much area your carpet occupies. 

What You Need: Baking Soda, White Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Dawn Liquid Detergent, and Member's Mark Fabric Softener.

Oh hey! Shopping online? Don't forget Ebates for rebates! So far, I got reimbursed $12 for simply using the site. Why not, right?

UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went

May 20, 2017

Hello fellow millennials, generation x'ers, baby boomers, etcetera etcetera. Welcome to my review of UberEats McDonalds Delivery. Yes, you read that right my friend. You can have McDonalds at the tip of your fingertips with a few swipes here and there. How much will it cost? Just a couple dollars and a few taxes. Extremely affordable and scrumptiously tempting.

UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went

Guess what? Let me tell you one more time. You can now have your McDonalds cravings satisfied -- thanks to UberEats Delivery. It's about time that McDonalds offer delivery and participate in the sharing economy because us millennials are not lazy, but instead busy taking care of more important needs. Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself to a week of junk food. 

With my accidental discovery, I felt a zap of energy and a spark of happiness within when I saw it right in front of me. The beautiful red and yellow specs of the brand gleaming at my very existence. I just finished a 3000-word research paper and it's time to re-nourish the neurons who were hard at work one millisecond ago. I was tired of Yelp's repeating pizza offerings and GrubHub's Indian restaurant choices that I didn't really like. Well hey, Amazon Restaurants isn't offered where I live, so let's try UberEats if they have finally caught up in my neighborhood. 

UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went

TADAH! So many beautiful choices! Sushi here, pizza there, Asian cuisines here, and fast food over there! No way! Yes way!

Menu is exactly the same as the store menu. Food is being prepared and I just couldn't stop being excited. It's like a dream come true in the 20th century.

A few minutes later, the food arrived and got devoured. The overall experience was superb. My order was complete, warm, on-time, and arrived in great edible condition. The Uber Driver was superb too!

Have you tired it yet? If not, use my code ( EATS-KIMMYG251UI )so you can get $10 off your order, then I get $5 off. It's a win-win for both of us! If you have, how was your experience? Comment below! I'd love to hear your opinion!

Start A Blog that Earns

May 13, 2017

Many bloggers out there are already experts in their field when it comes to writing, publishing, and earning online. There are thousands, if not, millions of "How to Start A Blog" tutorials out there that will aid anyone who basically wants to start a blog, and this is yet another one of those. However, in this article, I will present a way on how to start a blog and earn residual income for yourself, as well as monetize your blog for profits. As a bonus, I will also present tools and techniques on how to up your blog by targeting your ideal "niche" and empowering your blog with keywords that convert. Most importantly, be able to start from scratch and eventually grow your blog into a professional website without spending a fortune and at the very most, having expenses for only less than a few bucks a year. 

Start A Blog That Earns - The Millennial Way

Lay Out A Plan

Before getting started, you will need a plan to help you all throughout the process. However, this is entirely optional but helpful. Feel free to skip and move along if you feel like this is not necessary.

Get organized with Emily Ley Planners!

What You Need

  • A content management system of your choice.
  • A domain of your choice that matches your chosen niche.
  • A deep passion and interest for your chosen niche.
  • A nice and professional or presentable design for your audience.
Content Management System (CMS). There are hundreds of content management systems that are available for free. Two of the most popular ones are Blogger and Wordpress. Content management systems are literally what they are - they are for managing your website or blog content such as your blog articles, blog photos, etc. Other content management systems are listed down below (feel free to explore your options and preferences). From left to right: Drupal, Joomla, Wix, Weebly, and Tumblr.

Drupal Joomla Wix Weebly

There's a total of 172+ content management systems that I can name, but those above are the least expensive (at the very most, free) and widely used systems across the globe. I highly suggest the use of Wordpress (for those with money to spend) because of the fantastic features that it boasts as compared to other sites; Blogger for those who are on the frugal side of life. Note that both have pros and cons, and so choose according to your priority.

Domain Name. Domain names are basically website names (e.g.,, etc.). They are usually priced at $12 per year. Some would offer special discounts such as $0.88 for a year and then about $15 thereafter. If you want something like this, Namecheap would be an ideal domain name provider/store for you. I have one website that is currently hosted with them, and I have to say that they are not only affordable but way better than my first ever website hosting provider (which I am still currently with), Bluehost.

Namecheap - Web Hosting to Start A Blog That Earns

Take note that most hosting providers offer an all-in-one solution for prospective clients. Meaning, a bundle would often contain a hosting service topped with a "free" domain name and other offers. For the purpose of this article, I am here to guide you into creating a weblog that has the least annual expenditures. Other providers are listed below in no particular order. Want something a little bit more comprehensive? Check out my post on Web Hosting Providers.

Google Domains
Go Daddy
Cloud URL
United Domains
Reseller's Panel

Your Chosen Niche. According to Cambridge University's online dictionary, a "niche" is "a job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like." Moreover, the site also indicated that it "is an area or position exactly suitable for a small group of the same type." The first description pertains to you, the author or blogger; while the latter pertains to your audience or readers.

Your Branding. One of the key components of having a successful blog is a good brand with a good design. Readers would prefer a well-organized blog that is user-friendly and appealing than an ad-cluttered and horribly designed weblog. Your blog should complement your overall identity and design. Try to limit your colors to as many as four or five and your fonts to as many as three or four.


Create Content

Not every blog contains helpful, genuine, and quality content. This is where you come in. With your layout plan on how to start a blog that earns, the next step is to create interesting, helpful, and quality content that people will love. Your goal is to convert visitors into loyal readers in order to enhance your readership and eventually create conversions that earn

The ideal article count is usually above 300 words with SEO, aka search engine optimization in mind. You cannot just create a thousand 300-word article and expect your ranking to go up in front of Google search. There are intricacies that must be taken into consideration SEO-wise. Keyword research is most often neglected by passive bloggers, which is actually an important part of being online. If you are going to establish an online presence, then might as well start a blog that earns, right?

Content is King, Link is Queen

I remember reading the phrase: "Content is king, link is queen". I always try to remember such wonderful and inspirational quote. And you too should keep that in mind. Also, when creating content, incorporate your affiliate links on outbound URLs. Better yet, mask these affiliate links with a good and well-trusted affiliate link cloaker. The main online affiliate link cloaker software I use for my Wordpress sites is called Pretty Link and what it does is that it basically transforms your regular affiliate links into your very own domain name links. In order to start a blog that earns, affiliate links are the key! Oh, and there's also another great affiliate link cloaker called Thirsty Affiliates. It works basically the same as Pretty Link and goes second on my top affiliate link cloaker list.

Content without affiliate links is just an online diary. 

You may be wondering, "why do I need to cloak my affiliate links?" The answer to that is because you want readership trust. If you are like me, who is very keen when it comes to link-clicking, you wouldn't just click on some random link a website or blog has recommended, right? You would rather make sure that the link appears to be legitimate and trustworthy because of the many virus-laden websites that are lurking in the world wide web. So, consider using a good affiliate link cloaker in order to start a blog that earns.

The second question that you may be asking is, "where do I get these affiliate links?" One of the popular affiliate marketing networks is called Share A Sale. It is a great and well-known affiliate marketing network to sign up with because they have popular brands with them that pay a good amount of incentive. There's also Commission Junction - another affiliate marketing network that's great to partner with. One of the popular ones too is ClickBank and basically, focuses on digital goods from affiliate and internet marketers alike. However, there are a lot of variety too, so do check it out as well. Grow Sumo is one of the newest ones and I really love the user interface they provide to their users. They may not have a lot of products to offer affiliate marketers, but their directory should be growing as the years go by.


WIX - Start Your Blog for FREE!


Web Hosting Providers

May 7, 2017

This is a comprehensive directory listing of web hosting providers in alphabetical order. I will try to update this from time to time where you will see the last update at the very bottom of the page. Most importantly, snippets of information would be provided as well. For suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment or a message. Thank you all!

Web Hosting Providers Directory

1 & 1 Hosting. $0.99/mo* (Free Domain + 50gb Storage + Unlimited Email) - Extremely cheap domain and website hosting for starters. They offer Wordpress managed hosting as well which makes this company stand out among the rest. 

Bluehost $3.95/month* (Free Domain + 50gb Storage + 5 email) - This is the first ever web hosting provider I went with starting out on the world wide web. Their interface is pretty much okay and looks just like any other web hosting providers' control panel. They have a one-click install for Wordpress which makes it the number one go-to place for most bloggers and creatives. Lots of great reviews as well and most importantly, affordable pricing.

eHost  $2.75/mo* (Free Domain + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited email) - I have not personally tried their service yet, but based on their website, they also offer an easy Wordpress integration option. Their pricing is extremely competitive, as well as the features that they offer. 

GoDaddy $1/mo* (Free Domain + 10gb Storage) - I have bought a domain with them recently and found their interface to be user-friendly. I love the design and presentation. However, hosting is something I couldn't speak for. They always have deals running and they are also a leading hosting provider. 

Hostinger $2.15/mo* (10gb Storage + 1 Email) - To be honest, if I would choose a hosting company, I would really go for Hostinger because of the extremely good deal they offer. For one website, you get 2.15/mo. However, if you have multiple sites, go upgrade for $3.49/mo for a whopping unlimited everything! Unlimited websites, bandwidth, emails, FTPs, users, and a holy lot more! I certainly wish I have discovered them in the first place. However, I am stuck with Bluehost, but after which, I may switch with Hostinger

iPage $3.25/mo* (Free Domain + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited email) - I have not tried them yet, but then again, the low introductory offer looks good and suitable for starters. Features an easy Wordpress integration as well and a web security scanner. 

JustHost $2.95/mo* (Free Domain + 50gb Storage + 5 email) - This is very similar to Bluehost's features, but way cheaper. Probably ideal for the beginners. However, their interface is not as appealing as compared to Bluehost's, and so, just a heads up. Also featuring Wordpress as part of their easy-install integrations which is a plus for affordable hosting.

Millennial Hosting for Millennials $3.75/mo* ($7 Domain + Unlimited Storage + 500 email) - Wordpress optimized and features ultra lightning fast server performance for starters. Ideally recommended for those who are thinking of integrating a cart solution or those who are thinking of selling online. Also, they are cloud-based - affordable. This is the best choice for startups. They also feature a FREE Reseller Account, as compared to most hosting providers where you have to pay on a monthly basis in order to resell hosting.

Mocha Host $1.95/mo* (Free Domain* + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited Email) - So far, this is the best-priced hosting solution I have come across with. Ideal for bloggers and small businesses. However, their Wordpress integration introductory offer starts at $2.48/mo*. So, if you are fine without Wordpress as your content management system, this is the best bet for you.

Namecheap $9.88/yr* (Hosting up to 3 websites + 20gb Storage + 1 Email) - This is a highly recommended option for starters who do not have that much data to store and upload in a website. Extremely affordable for a year of hosting, plus the ability to host 3 websites! I am currently on this plan for one of my websites and I love the super fast bandwidth as compared to Bluehost's Starter Pack.

Namecheap - Best Domain Provider

Nexcess $11.95/mo* (Free Domain + 10gb Storage + Email) - Nexcess is a fairly expensive hosting service and I think is ideal for those who have the budget and need for speed. Ideally, their performance is speedy in terms of server stats which is fair enough for the price. Wordpress integration is never a problem, with a vast amount of extra security features too.

Siteground $3.95/mo* (Free Domain + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited Email) - Siteground's interface is pretty much basic and straight to the point. I have tried their service for a couple days but decided to cancel not because they have bad service, but because I initially changed my mind and they were pretty much prompt to process refunds. 

Strikingly $0/mo to $16/mo* (Free to Paid Domain + 5gb to Unlimited Storage + Email Service Unknown) - If you have zero coding experience and would like to DIY your own website, this is for you! Strikingly offers zero costs for startups who are on a tight budget (with limited features of course), but easily customizable web layouts! What's great is if you like how their systems operate, you can easily upgrade. 

Wordpress Engine $29/mo* (Domain Service Unknown + 10gb Storage + Email Service Unknown) - Wordpress Engine is a truly remarkable and powerful WP hosting provider. However, their pricing may be a little too much for beginners. If you have a great budget, then I highly suggest you go for Wordpress Engine. 

Other Hosting Providers

Cloud URL from $1.99/mo*
Domain Hosting from $3.75/mo*
Fat Cow from $3.75/mo*
Host Deal from $4.80/mo*
Media Temple  from $20/mo*
My Hosting from $9.84/mo*
One Web Hosting from $2.50/mo*

*Note: Most web hosting providers offer a year of discounted prices, after which regular rates will apply. Others will require a contract (most common is the 3-year one). Consider reading the fine print before purchasing. Oh and by the way, most of which are affiliate links where I earn a small compensation for referring clients. Please support by using the links. Thanks! 

Last update 05/7/2017.

    MONQ Aromatherapy Diffuser

    Apr 15, 2017

    I recently stumbled upon this Facebook Ad by Monq - a "therapeutic essential oil diffuser". For most people, it may seem yet another form of vipe, but for some, it's more of an aromatherapy that promotes wellness and relaxation. Hence, I decided to try this MONQ aromatherapy diffuser.

    MONQ Zen
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Diffusers come in 7 flavors or blends - Zen, Vibrant, Sleepy, Active, Healthy, Happy, and Sexy all simply differ by the type of herb or spice they contain. I bought Zen just for the heck of it.
    It is a bit pricey at roughly $20 per piece, I have to admit. However, I think it's a nice product. The MONQ Zen one has a soothing and cool effect upon breathing out which feels weird and cool at the same time. It is also citrusy in flavor if you are wondering. The calming effect in my opinion is more of a mental or psychological feeling rather than an actual side effect. Also, it pretty much lasted a long time for me, and up until now, I still have my very first order and it still has a ton of juice to it. This has the purple light to it.

    MONQ Sleepy
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Sleepy is a little bit similar to the MONQ Zen. The only difference is that Sleepy has the valerian taste to it rather than the citrusy flavor of the Zen. Don't get me wrong, valerian flavor may sound too strong for you, but it actually tastes good. The flavor is extremely subtle, and the mint makes it really soothing and calming (I guess that's why it's called MONQ Sleepy). This one has the white light to it.

    MONQ Sexy
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Sexy. The red one is called MONQ Sexy and is by far the least of my favorite flavors. It's not horrible, but it's not a match for my palate. It's key ingredients are jasmine, lime, and patchouli. I am pretty much sure that patchouli is what got me to not like it, but hey, you might. They say that patchouli is an aphrodisiac too, so if you and your partner are feeling kinky, don't forget to take some! This one has the red light.

    MONQ Vibrant
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Vibrant. A flavor which I have not tried myself. I just ordered this (11-12-2016) and we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned!

    MONQ Happy
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Happy. I super love this flavor too just because I'm a vanilla lover. So, if you are too, then this is the first thing that you should try! This MONQ Happy actually made me happy, thanks to its vanilla flavor. The other two key ingredients are thyme and fennel. I have to say, I love herbs and this flavor just has everything to love about. This has the yellow light.

    MONQ Active
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Active. I haven't tried this flavor yet, and am still currently waiting for the shipment. I just ordered it today (11-12-2016), and so, it may take a while.

    MONQ Healthy
    Photo courtesy of MONQ
    MONQ Healthy. I haven't tried this flavor yet, and am still currently waiting for the shipment. I just ordered it today (11-12-2016), and so, it may take a while.

    There's a couple *NEW* MONQ Flavors coming to town and everyone's so hyped about it. It will be released this April 26th 2017. I can't wait!

    MONQ Aromatherapy Diffuser - 2017 New Flavors

    Have you tried any flavor besides the Zen? I'd love to hear from you! 

    Remove Powered By Blogger Footer

    Feb 5, 2017

    A simple tutorial on how to remove the "Powered  By Blogger" footer. This is especially useful for creatives who would like to sell their themes to the public. However, I think this is in violation of Blogger's Terms and Conditions policy, so please try to include an attribution under your disclaimer or disclosure policy. Moreover, it's just a simple way of saying thank you for providing a free content management system to bloggers across the globe.

    1. Access your blog's template.
    2. Instead of customize, you will select Edit HTML.

    3. Click on the HTML area and hit Command + F (for Mac users) or CTRL + F (for Windows users). Then, type 'ATTRIBUTION' and hit enter. This should highlight the text you have typed in.
    4. Delete the whole code starting from "<----outside b="" of="" the...="">" down to "
    5. Double check to see if the footer disappeared through the Preview button.
    6. Save template if you are completely satisfied.

    There you have it. I hope this helps you a bit and if there's any issues, please feel free to comment below. Want to get in-depth on Blogger? Check out some Kindle eBooks that might help you out!

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