Make the Most of Your Online Shopping

Jan 22, 2017

Millennials love to shop and they love to shop online. Being a millennial myself, online shopping is one of my guilty pleasures in life. On top of that, knowing that I am getting a good deal just because of a varied amount of tips and tricks that I utilize , just makes me feel good about online shopping. As a millennial yourself (or not), why not make the most of your online shopping by trying out this simple guide that I have put up just for you. Not only will you save cash in the long run, but will also feel great about saving some cash (no matter how small) that majority of online shoppers wouldn't have known? Let's get started!


For iPhone xxxxxxxxxxxFor iPad

UTILIZE EBATES. Ebates is an online cash back depot of famous and well known retailers across the globe. If you love to shop at Amazon, Old Navy, Walmart, Nordstrom (and the list just goes on), then why not take advantage of this service?

The Trick: Install the Google Chrome / Firefox / Safari extension and it will simply activate and remind you if you want to take advantage of your cash back reward whenever you happen to browse their supported retailers' sites. Easy peasy isn't it?


UTILIZE HONEY. Honey is an online coupon clipper for savvy shoppers. With the Google Chrome / Firefox / Safari extension installed on whichever browser you use, it will also automatically pop out, just like Ebates' extension app, this time whenever it senses a coupon box or promo code box (usually found during checkout). However, there's still no phone or iPad app developed for this goodie.

The Trick: Once activated, it automatically tries out coupon codes or promo codes for that particular online store and will apply the best code or savings for you. However, be wary that if you have a personal coupon, make sure you compare that with the one it is actually giving you. Your personal coupon might actually be better. Otherwise, utilize as you will.


UTILIZE WIKIBUY. Wikibuy is basically the same as Ebates. It actually is partnered up with Ebates for deals and points. While you browse and shop, the wikibuy chrome extension will pop up in the background if it senses savings suggestions for you. That way, it acts more or less as a price comparison tool for online shoppers. 

The Trick: Install the Google Chrome / Firefox / Safari extension and it will simply activate and remind you if you want to take advantage of your cash back reward whenever you happen to browse their supported retailers' sites. Easy peasy just like Ebates isn't it?


TRY IBOTTA. The Ibotta app is a different one as this involves grocery shopping only. If you happen to have grocery shopped, keep that receipt and we'll turn it into extra cash.

The Trick: Every week, Ibotta releases cash back rebates for particular products. Simply activate the offer and scan the receipt with your phone app and cha-ching! You'll reap those small rewards in time.


The Trick: Earn on the go with the apps for your iPhones.

SWAGBUCKS. Swagbucks is basically a combination of Ibotta and Ebates. However, instead of being paid by cash or check, you get paid with gift cards of your choice. Also, they feature surveys and videos (whenever you feel bored at home) in addition to online shopping. More so, they have games too! Instead of staring into space, make your laptop useful and earn some moolah for yourself.

TOP CASH BACK. Top Cash Back has been around for quite some time. No wonder they've got more than a million views and visits. Similar to Ebates, they pretty much do the same and work the same. The only difference may be the retailers that one may or may not carry.

Web Hosting Providers

Jan 14, 2017

This is a comprehensive directory listing of web hosting providers in alphabetical order. I will try to update this from time to time where you will see the last update at the very bottom of the page. Most importantly, snippets of information would be provided as well. For suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment or a message. Thank you all!

Web Hosting Providers Directory

1 & 1 Hosting. $0.99/mo* (Free Domain + 50gb Storage + Unlimited Email) - Extremely cheap domain and website hosting for starters. They offer Wordpress managed hosting as well which makes this company stand out among the rest. 

Bluehost $3.95/month* (Free Domain + 50gb Storage + 5 email) - This is the first ever web hosting provider I went with starting out in the world wide web. Their interface is pretty much okay and looks just like any other web hosting providers' control panel. They have a one-click install for Wordpress which makes it the number one go-to place of most bloggers and creatives. Lots of great reviews as well and most importantly, affordable pricing.

eHost  $2.75/mo* (Free Domain + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited email) - I have not personally tried their service yet, but based from their website, they also offer an easy Wordpress integration option. Their pricing is extremely competitive, as well as the features that they offer. 

GoDaddy $1/mo* (Free Domain + 10gb Storage) - I have bought a domain with them recently and found their interface to be user-friendly. I love the design and presentation. However, hosting is something I couldn't speak for. They always have deals running and they are also a leading hosting provider. 

iPage $3.25/mo* (Free Domain + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited email) - I have not tried them yet, but then again, low introductory offer looks good and suitable for starters. Features an easy Wordpress integration as well and a web security scanner. 

JustHost $2.95/mo* (Free Domain + 50gb Storage + 5 email) - This is very similar to Bluehost's features, but way cheaper. Probably ideal for the beginners. However, their interface is not as appealing as compared to Bluehost's, and so, just a heads up. Also featuring Wordpress as part of their easy-install integrations which is a plus for affordable hosting.

Millennial Hosting for Millennials $3.75/mo* ($7 Domain + Unlimited Storage + 500 email) - Wordpress optimized and features ultra lightning fast server performance for starters. Ideally recommended for those who are thinking of integrating a cart solution or those who are thinking of selling online. Also, they are cloud-based - affordable. This is the best choice for startups. They also feature a FREE Reseller Account, as compared to most hosting providers where you have to pay on a monthly basis in order to resell hosting.

Mocha Host $1.95/mo* (Free Domain* + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited Email) - So far, this is the best-priced hosting solution I have come across with. Ideal for bloggers and small businesses. However, their Wordpress integration introductory offer starts at $2.48/mo*. So, if you are fine without Wordpress as your content management system, this is the best bet for you.

Namecheap $9.88/yr* (Hosting up to 3 websites + 20gb Storage + 1 Email) - This is a highly recommended option for starters who do not have that much data to store and upload in a website. Extremely affordable for a year of hosting, plus the ability to host 3 websites! I am currently on this plan for one of my websites and I love the super fast bandwidth as compared to Bluehost's Starter Pack.

Nexcess $11.95/mo* (Free Domain + 10gb Storage + Email) - Nexcess is a fairly expensive hosting service and I think is ideal for those who have the budget and need for speed. Ideally, their performance is speedy in terms of server stats which is fair enough for the price. Wordpress integration is never a problem, with a vast amount of extra security features too.

Siteground $3.95/mo* (Free Domain + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited Email) - Siteground's interface is pretty much basic and straight to the point. I have tried their service for a couple days, but decided to cancel not because they have bad service, but because I initially changed my mind and they were pretty much prompt to process refunds. 

Strikingly $0/mo to $16/mo* (Free to Paid Domain + 5gb to Unlimited Storage + Email Service Unknown) - If you have zero coding experience and would like to DIY your own website, this is for you! Strikingly offers zero costs for startups who are in a tight budget (with limited features of course), but easily customizable web layouts! What's great is if you like how their systems operate, you can easily upgrade. 

Wordpress Engine $29/mo* (Domain Service Unknown + 10gb Storage + Email Service Unknown) - Wordpress Engine is a truly remarkable and powerful WP hosting provider. However, their pricing may be a little too much for beginners. If you have a great budget, then I highly suggest you go for Wordpress Engine. 

Other Hosting Providers

Cloud URL from $1.99/mo*
Host Deal from $4.80/mo*
My Hosting from $9.84/mo*

*Note: Most web hosting providers offer a year of discounted prices, after which regular rates will apply. Others will require a contract (most common is the 3-year one). Consider reading the fine print before purchasing.

Last update 01/14/2017.

    Why I Switched From Wells Fargo to Capital One 360

    This post will highlight some brief details on why I switched from Wells Fargo to Capital One 360. A review on both ends, so far based from my experience and why I regret not doing it earlier than ever.

    In comparing the two banking company, one can assume that Wells Fargo has by far more credibility than Capital One itself. Yes, that may be true, but why might that be?

    In a far shallow sense and based from my far shallow knowledge about finance and the intricacies that lie beneath it, I can pretty much say that Wells Fargo has actual brick and mortar branches all across the nation as compared to Capital One's dormant disposition in the real world. For a much more detailed information about Wells Fargo's reputation based on my experience, kindly read my Review On Wells Fargo Checkings/Savings Account.

    As one of United States' working class, I had to set up a bank account in order to store my money. I was actually introduced by a colleague from work about this, and then later on found out that they were actually getting a commission for that referral (which I didn't really mind). However, being such a rookie in the real world, I did not know much about banking, money, and finance. With that being said, my bank account was defaulted to a profile that required me to have a minimum amount in the account to waive the $13 monthly fee it will take away (which is a staggering $156 annual *membership* fee - as how I liked to view it). At first, I didn't mind the cost it took me. However, as time goes by and as I learn more from other people and sources, some actually didn't need to pay anything for their checking and savings account.

    My search for the perfect banking account started and I have learned more and more about options that I can take in replacement of my Wells Fargo checking account. I saw Capital One 360 with all of its free features and decided to set up an account with them. I made my first ever deposit that took longer than Wells Fargo's processing time. I lost interest and stood by WF for quite some time. One of the reasons I couldn't wait for the long processing time was the fact that I was living a paycheck-to-paycheck life (which sucked).

    Years went by and I still settled for the $13 monthly fee of WF with me constantly reading reviews and comparisons of banks' checking account features.

    Finally, I had a huge break on December of 2015 when I got hired full time with a decent pay that enabled me to live above the poverty threshold of the country. This new job enabled me to actually set money aside. With that being said, I re-activated my 360 account and to my surprise, their processing time greatly improved. I was happy and until now, I am still completely happy and satisfied with Capital One. No fees + an APR of 0.20% for me as compared to the $156 annual fee that WF charges its poorer clients.

    I highly recommend Capital One 360 to anyone who is middle-class and don't want those pesky monthly/annual fees that you could have saved for a rainy day.

    Capital One 360 Checking

    The Best Gifts for the Millennials- Gifts for the Modern Man & Woman

    Nov 20, 2016

    The yuletide season is coming and sooner or later it will be time for some gift giving. And so, before Black Friday comes to a close, I have here the best gifts for the millennial Bellas - gifts for the modern girl that they will surely love.

    Best Gifts for Millennial Moms

    Gifts For the Millennial Moms

    Millennial Moms are techy nowadays, but don't let that fact stop you from gifting them something classic or rustic. There are certain things that cannot replace the sophistication of rustic and classic items handcrafted or not. Below are five gifts for millennial moms of today.

    Best Gifts for Millennial Bellas
    Fabled by Marie Claire

    1. Vichy Luxury Skincare. $20 It's not just skincare, it's luxury skincare. Take advantage of the holiday season sales and gift this to the best moms in the world! They deserve a truly relaxing and pampered holiday me-time.
    2. Smart Indoor Herb Planter. $59.93 An ideal gift for the millennial moms with sticky kitchens (that is, those who love to cook and be messy in the kitchen).
    3. Farmhouse Ceramic Cannisters. $24.99 Nothing is ever too rustic with farmhouse kitchens. They may be millennials, but hey, they don't always prefer the modern kitchen styles.
    4. In the Company of Women. $21 For the millennial mom who loves to read or for the millennial mom who loves to decorate. A book about women who inspire and create other women.
    5. Pehr Designs Petit Pint. $26 For the new millennial mom or the soon to be millennial mom, this unisex bin is simply irresistible.

    Gifts For the Millennial Bella Teens

    Teens are picky, we all know that. However, one thing we know for sure is that millennial teens are techy, fancy, and adventurous. Gifting them should be a no-brainer, but sometimes we tend to overthink our gifting ideas. Let me ease that burden by giving you a list of gifts that they'd surely love.

    1. Maxboost iPhone 6 / 6S Case. $12.99 Even though you may be on a budget, this pretty gift will not only fit your money limit but their phone specs as well. It perfectly fits the iPhone 6 and 6S models.
    2. I Am Very Busy Planner $25.95 Help them prepare for next year's goals with this I Am Very Busy Planner. It is pretty on the outside, simple on the inside, and will be helpful both in and out of their lives.
    3. Gold Leaf Necklace. $22 Jewelry will never be out of fashion, and this gold leaf necklace is just the prettiest ever.
    4. Instax Mini Camera by Fujifilm. $57 Nothing beats a cute selfie selfie with teens these days. It'll be cuter with this Instax Mini Camera by Fujifilm. It also comes in different pastel hues! Now, isn't that dainty?!
    5. Modern Manners: Tools To Take You To The Top. $14.49 It is never old-fashioned to be prim and proper in various occasions. Let them earn the respect of other people with this modern manners guide. They'll thank you for it.

    Gifts for the Millennial Guys

    Gifting men is the last thing on most women's list, most especially if they're for friends and family. Unlike women who have a ton of options to choose from, the men's category always seems to be a mere haze. Hopefully, the list below gives you some fine ideas to match with the receiver. Goodluck!


    1. XBOX White. $399 The best gift for that gamer dad isn't it? Definitely!
    2. Stainless Steel Bamboo Mug. $16.50 For the happy camper or the coffee/tea lover, either or, he will simply love this sleek stainless steel mug that will keep any beverage warm.
    3. V76 Hair Sculpting Cream. $21.50
    4. Barbell Clamp Collar. $11.99 The perfect gift for the fithusiasts. Not only affordable, but most probably the most lovable gift they'd receive.
    5. Black & Decker Lithium Toolset. $59.05 For the DIYer.

    Note: Prices are subject to change. These are mere estimates and may range lower or higher.

    The Sharing Economy - How Millennials Live

    Nov 12, 2016

    Welcome to the "Sharing Economy" - the new economy of the millennials. In today's economy, we live differently - we live conveniently.

    The Sharing Economy

    The Sharing Economy

    Everything stemmed out from the concept of the sharing economy. Nowadays, people tend to live in a shared ecosystem, from home living to food consumption and work environment. Today, we are able to rent out spaces or kiosks for our personal business needs. There are offices who rent out a seat and a computer for a small fee; Perfect for entrepreneurs and startup companies. There are subscription services of various kinds - from makeup to dog food, you name it. There's also the micro-gigs that freelancers do to earn extra income. It is a micro-economy, all about convenience and satisfaction. 

    Travel Industry of the Shared Economy

    Airbnb. You can rent out your home or a room of your home to travelers.
    Car 2 Go. Car renting without hassles for people on the go. Drive these tiny cute cars at $0.41 per minute. 
    Lyft Rideshare Service. Use your personal car to earn extra income by driving for people.
    Uber Rideshare Service. Another startup company similar to Lyft. 

    Food Subscriptions & Deliveries of the Shared Economy

    Peach Office Meal Delivery. A meal delivery service delivered every 12 noon right in your office for your office. Always free shipping. Sharing lunch delivery with your colleagues, one lunch at a time.

    Crowdfunding Platforms

    Kickstarter. Have a brilliant idea in mind but no funds? Jump right in to the Kickstarter campaign and present your brilliant idea to the world. People who love your idea might just fund you the money you need to make it actually happen!
    Go Fund Me. Another crowdfunding platform, but this time, it's more for a cause than Kickstarter.
    CrowdFunder. Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and startups of the world.

    Peer to Peer Lending

    Prosper. A peer-to-peer investing platform that allows people to invest on people for as little as $25.
    The Lending Club. A lending marketplace for both personal and business use, crowdfunded by the common people. 

    MONQ Aromatherapy Diffuser

    I recently stumbled upon this Facebook Ad by Monq - a "therapeutic essential oil diffuser". For most people, it may seem yet another form of vipe, but for some, it's more of an aromatherapy that promotes wellness and relaxation. Hence, I decided to try this MONQ aromatherapy diffuser.

    MONQ Zen
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Diffusers come in 7 flavors or blends - Zen, Vibrant, Sleepy, Active, Healthy, Happy, and Sexy all simply differ by the type of herb or spice they contain. I bought Zen just for the heck of it.
    It is a bit pricey at roughly $20 per piece, I have to admit. However, I think it's a nice product. The MONQ Zen one has a soothing and cool effect upon breathing out which feels weird and cool at the same time. It is also citrusy in flavor if you are wondering. The calming effect in my opinion is more of a mental or psychological feeling rather than an actual side effect. Also, it pretty much lasted a long time for me, and up until now, I still have my very first order and it still has a ton of juice to it. This has the purple light to it.

    MONQ Sleepy
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Sleepy is a little bit similar to the MONQ Zen. The only difference is that Sleepy has the valerian taste to it rather than the citrusy flavor of the Zen. Don't get me wrong, valerian flavor may sound too strong for you, but it actually tastes good. The flavor is extremely subtle, and the mint makes it really soothing and calming (I guess that's why it's called MONQ Sleepy). This one has the white light to it.

    MONQ Sexy
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Sexy. The red one is called MONQ Sexy and is by far the least of my favorite flavors. It's not horrible, but it's not a match for my palate. It's key ingredients are jasmine, lime, and patchouli. I am pretty much sure that patchouli is what got me to not like it, but hey, you might. They say that patchouli is an aphrodisiac too, so if you and your partner are feeling kinky, don't forget to take some! This one has the red light.

    MONQ Vibrant
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Vibrant. A flavor which I have not tried myself. I just ordered this (11-12-2016) and we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned!

    MONQ Happy
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Happy. I super love this flavor too just because I'm a vanilla lover. So, if you are too, then this is the first thing that you should try! This MONQ Happy actually made me happy, thanks to its vanilla flavor. The other two key ingredients are thyme and fennel. I have to say, I love herbs and this flavor just has everything to love about. This has the yellow light.

    MONQ Active
    Photo courtesy of MONQ

    MONQ Active. I haven't tried this flavor yet, and am still currently waiting for the shipment. I just ordered it today (11-12-2016), and so, it may take a while.

    MONQ Healthy
    Photo courtesy of MONQ
    MONQ Healthy. I haven't tried this flavor yet, and am still currently waiting for the shipment. I just ordered it today (11-12-2016), and so, it may take a while.

    Have you tried any flavor besides the Zen? I'd love to hear from you! 

    Peachd Seattle Meal Delivery Service Review

    Sep 23, 2016

    It seems like food delivery has been among the trends of the century for the millennials. Early on in two of my posts, I have reviewed Postmates and Caviar. This time, it'll be Peachd Seattle Meal Delivery Service.

    The function is basically the same - to deliver food. However, Peachd only delivers lunch to your office. Also, they only have one meal per food category (meat, veg, and lite) per day (Monday thru Friday only). Learn more HERE. Below is an example of their daily menu.

    They also have an awesome website - beautifully designed and extremely user friendly too. I love the colors of the website and just every bit of it.

    The Best Feminine Planners for the Planner Junkies

    Sep 7, 2016

    I have to say, in this millennial era we're living where everything is almost digital, planners will never be replaced by any app you can think of. Creatives will always be creatives, and the busy Bella creative needs a haven for thoughts and routines to help her conquer life. With that being said, I have gathered my top 8 picks for the Best Feminine Planners for the Planner Junkies. These are of course my dire opinion and I have to say that there are tons of amazing and beautiful planners out there just waiting to be discovered.

    My Top 8 Chic and Feminine Panners for the Planner Junkies (from best to the very best).

    8. Day Designer (From $47 and up)


    The Day Designer is among the Top 8 Picks I have here for you. As you can see, it is definitely chic and fun. This planner presents with various designs and comes in either the classic spiral hard-bound version or the filofax version. You can check it out at

    7. Erin Condren (From $55 and up)
    Screenshot from Erin Condren

    If you are looking for a pop of color in your planner, the Erin Condren Planner is a good bet for you. This is the planner that I have and I pretty much enjoyed using it. Although a little tad pricey for me, it served its purpose of getting me on track. Go ahead and check it out at

    What I love about it is that it's already colorful which makes me want to write on it all the time. I use the monthly outlook for work and the weekly glance for the rest of what's happening on my life. It's pretty much customizable inside and out. From the spiral wire to the cover - customize as you wish!

    6. STIL Classics

    ©STIL Classics

    The Design Love Planner is a chic and sophisticated one. I see this as the planner of the sassy bella. With a faux marble cover, who wouldn't love this planner? The inside boasts a minimalistic and monochromatic layout - perfect for the fashion runway bella. Check it out at

    5. Belle De Jour Power Planner


    The Belle De Jour Power Planner was the first ever planner I owned way back in the Philippines. Unfortunately, you can only buy this in the Philippines. It's very pretty and feminine, with beauty coupons and a lot of other freebies. It also comes with special events of the year that the org holds year round, plus health topics and beauty topics as well. It features a lot of goodies such as a period tracker, contact lists, notes section, yearly goals section, a dream board section, and a whole lot more! If only I could own another one of these, I would definitely buy one!

    Check it out at

    4. Plum Paper

    ©Plum Paper

    Plum Paper is yet another contender in the amazing world of planners. You can order extra add-ons to go with the planner such as fitness tracking, budget tracking, meal planning, and class planning. You can check out their website at

    3. Simplified Planner

    ©Emily Ley

    The Limelife Planner is among the colorful, fun, happy, and creative ones I've seen. With playful fonts that go with the product and lots of customization features for an extremely personalized agenda, this planner is definitely two thumbs up. Check it out at

    2. Glam With A Plan


    This is definitely one of my top favorites! It's not just colorful and fun, but chic and fashionable as well. The font is very playful too! Unfortunately, this one is no longer available. *sigh

    1. Living Well Planner

    ©Living Well 

    My top 1 selection for a planner would be none other than the Living Well Planner. It almost has everything I crave for in an annual planner, it's very pretty and colorful, and most of all - it's affordable! Go ahead and feast on this masterpiece at

    There are awesome planners out there that did not make it to my personal list. Take a look at some of them below. I seriously think that they are awesome too.

    What about you? What planner are you using?

    Caviar Seattle Lunch Meal Delivery Service Review

    Aug 6, 2016

    Here's another meal delivery service called Caviar. Just like Postmates and UberEats, Caviar food delivery service offers food delivery to established locations only. It is definitely a must-try-and-see-for-yourself experience if you are a certified #foodie.

    Caviar is among the Square Product Software Suite. Meaning, they are the ones behind the company's back. Also, we all know that Square is the arch nemesis of Paypal. Anyway, going back to the review, I would also want to say that among the three meal delivery apps I have personally used, Caviar definitely tops all of them because of the fact that they actually have photos of the variety of food in their system - therefore, enabling you to judge whether a food looks scrumptious or not.

    The Caviar online or web interface boasts a modern-looking blueprint. You can either order from the app or from the site which is again another one of the great features the service offers (Postmates and UberEats only offers app ordering). 

    Below is a snapshot of the interface.


    One thing you'll also love is the fact that they deliver ultra fast as compared to UberEats and Postmates! I've had bad experiences with Postmates as well - from spilled food to order cancellations, up to more than an hour of waiting. So, overall, Caviar trumps all.

    Have you tried their service? Let me know what you think! If you haven't tried them yet, might as well get $10 off your first order right?! That's how I first ordered from them too!

    Pokemon Go Review

    Aug 2, 2016

    It's definitely time for a Niantic and Nintendo Pokemon tandem review. With Pokemon Go as the current hype, and I being physically and emotionally drawn to the trend, it's no wonder a review will pop out of the world wide web just within a few minutes of its release.

    Being a millennial baby, Pokemon was my era. Up to this day, I still know the lyrics of its original soundtrack and I am proud of that.

    Pokemon Go is real-time game where you as a trainer get to go outside and actually hunt for pokemons, train pokemons, and mingle with people. With your phone's GPS and map, the game was made possible, all thanks to Niantic and its affiliates.

    Like any other game, it still has flaws, less features, and on update all the time, but definitely is a big success all over the world. A lot of people play the game, from children to adults. There are lots of pros and cons to the game, that of course critics would never let slip.

    PROS of the Game:

    1. It promotes good fitness/health on an anti-cheat basis (meaning you don't use your dog to hatch those eggs). 
    2. It promotes socialization. 
    3. It actually encourages you to get out of the house because in order to catch Pokemons,  you need to go places.
    4. It is a general patronage game. Simply cuteness overload!
    + Lots of future updates that I truly believe are promising!

    CONS of the Game:

    1. Stranger Danger. With the game being played outdoors by people, children are prone to kidnapping. For women on the other hand, it could cause rape. People are so trusting once they know that someone also plays Pokemon Go regardless of the age. 
    2. Unlikely Accidents. There has already been a report in Seattle of two men falling off a cliff while trying to catch a Pokemon, causing the other to lose his life. Moreover, Pokemon-ing while driving is a number one cause as well. 
    3. Trespassing. Some people simply feel like it's okay to trespass onto other people's property just to catch Pokemons.
    There you are. A simple and short review on my point of view regarding the famous Pokemon Game developed by Niantic. Just remember, be safe and use your common sense.

    Postmates Seattle Review - Food And Goods Delivery Service

    Jun 11, 2016

    Today's millennials live in an ever hustling and bustling world, where convenience tops price overall. Not many may agree, but this is just based from my own personal views. I am a college student, working full-time as a Medical Assistant in the realm of the human species, while webpreneur in the world of the internet. Hence, Postmates saves the day (though not always).

    I am a web-savvy techie millennial. I need to try things out as they come out. From delivery services to actual products, if it interests me, it will be tried by me so I can write something about it in a not-so-professional kind of way.

        Photo Courtesy of Tech Insider
        Use Code 4R4Y to get a $10 credit

    I have to admit, they are a tad pricey, but of course - it is convenient. Based from my experience here in Seattle, the average time I allot for ordering + shipping is about an hour. So, before my lunch time at work, I usually order an hour earlier.

    The image below shows how much to expect paying for a Starbucks Grande Caramel Frappe. As you can see, it is almost triple the amount you'd pay upfront. It is insane, but hey, I don't really mind doing this for convenience's sake.

    One horrible moment I've had with them was when I waited for an hour and a half for my food. Sometimes, my food would come all messed up in its container almost spilling out. It is upsetting, but what's going to happen if I complain? At least the food was still warm.

    Will I recommend the app? Yes.
    How is my rating? It will be a 4/5.
    Do not use on a regular basis if you don't want to go broke.

    Walmart's Amazon Prime is ShippingPass Pilot 2-Day Free Shipping

    Jun 8, 2016

    As you may all have heard, Walmart has launched their ShippingPass Pilot Program to compete with Amazon's Prime. Now, the question is, will it click?

    I am a happy Amazon Prime member, and now that Walmart has launched its "Prime-ish" counter to Amazon, I am reconsidering my options. However, not at the moment of its beta testing. I will wait for the "Trial" if there is going to be any at all, and of course, more features. I believe Walmart has a lot to polish and add to their program, such as the Fresh Produce Delivery to be included in their program.

    What are the Pros and Cons between the two companies?
    Price: Amazon Prime with Fresh is $299/year
    Price: Walmart ShippingPass Pilot is $49/year

    Shipping: Both feature 2-day Free Shipping on select products. However, Amazon has far too many products than its rival, Walmart. Also, Amazon offers Same-Day Shipping. Walmart does not.

    Videos: Unlimited streaming only at Amazon.

    Grocery Delivery: Amazon delivers both dry and fresh goods. Walmart only delivers dry goods.

    Storage: Amazon has unlimited photo storage and 1 gb file storage (if I'm not mistaken because I am too lazy to check). Walmart does not.

    Music: Unlimited streaming for Amazon, not for Walmart. Yet?

    In the meantime, I stick to Amazon Prime with Fresh at $299/year. When Walmart offers a free trial and perhaps the fresh grocery delivery, I might give it a try.

    Have you tried both? What can you say about it? I'd love to know!

    Jaanuu Scrubs Review

    Jun 4, 2016

    Jaanu Scrubs Medical Apparel

    I have recently discovered this millennial medical apparel store called Jaanuu over at Facebook and was immediately stunned by the beauty of the scrub sets the company has! Hence, it led me to finally purchase a top since it was the most appealing that had my size (which was XXS). Take a look at the image below.
    Image Copyright of
    The top was made of antibacterial material and had the logo embroidered in gold-toned color. The zipper on the side made the apparel exquisite and I believe this was the most appealing part of the clothing. It is true to size, however, I wish the arms were a bit smaller in diameter as I am pretty thin in stature. There are two pockets on each side for pens and whatnots as you go about hustlin' your day in the hospital or clinic.

    The package came in a parcel stamped with the Jaanuu logo on it. It also came wrapped in delicate tissue paper sealed by its logo sticker in gold foil. There were approximately 5 cards; one thank you card and 4 share cards. The share cards are postcards you can send to your friends with a discount coupon code (Code: FRIENDS) at 20% off if I am not mistaken.

    Overall, I would love to purchase more if and only if they will provide the XXS sizes in all of their styles. In the future, I think they will. I highly recommend! Quality is excellent.

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