Sins Committed By God According to the Bible

Apr 23, 2008


After creating various bits and bobs in Genesis, we are told "And God saw
that it was good". So, He takes pride in His work, apparently.
*as for me, this is slightly forgivable in the sense that we should not take it too literally.

Also, when John baptized Jesus (good job he did, because we all know what
happens to un-baptized people when they die...) God said, and I quote, "You
are my son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased
". God, who is Jesus,
loves and is pleased with Jesus, who is God. If you knew someone who
claimed to love and be pleased with himself, wouldn't that hint at a
self-proud person? Who's the God here anyway? God or Jesus? Both? Ugh


Well, according to the Old Testament, God was a genocidal maniac of
Biblical proportions (naturally). However, it could be argued that many of
the mass-slaughters described therein were not done out of anger, but for
some other Godly motives. Fair enough, but are there any specific examples
of wrath?

Samuel (24:1) tells us :"Again the anger of the LORD burned against Israel,
and he incited David against them, saying 'Go and take a census of Israel
and Judah'
". Burning anger? Sounds like Wrath to me.

Also from Samuel (6:6) "When they came to the threshing-floor of Nacon,
Uzzah reached out and took hold of the ark of God, because the oxen
stumbled. The LORD's anger burned against Uzzah because of his irreverent
act; therefore God struck him down and he died there beside the Ark of
" Presumably God would have preferred the Ark to fall into the mud, but
Uzzah paid the price here...poor thing.


From the Ten Commandments : "You shall not bow down to them or worship
them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God...
" Says it all, really.
We don't even need to look for the evidence here, as we get it straight
from the horse's mouth (so to speak).


Your school Nativity Play is a good example : the Holy Spirit impregnating
virgins... Naughty, naughty - randy old God. ^_^v


Why are we here? Many theologians would say "To love and worship God".
Apparently, God just can't be content unless He creates five billion souls
for the specific purpose of telling him how great he is. That's lot of
people. That's just plain gluttonous.


Okay, he's let off this one - God has no need of money. Unfortunately his
spokespeople, the televangelists, more than make up for this. Send me money
and get to heaven! Either they're lying and just trying to get rich, or God
actually does need money. Either way, it doesn't look good.


Back to Genesis again: "By the seventh day God finished the work He had
been doing; so on the seventh day He rested from all His work.

Being omnipotent, god cannot get tired. If He has access to an infinite
supply of energy (as we are led to believe), He could create a billion
galaxies without so much as breaking into a sweat. It looks like He was
just slobbing around...or am I being too literal?

There's a lot more to Learn.
A lot more to See.
A lot more to Reflect on.


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