Jul 1, 2012

Links to websites with really nice information will be posted here. Check back often! :)

Coursera - a free online education provided by people from top universities of the world. Check it out and enroll in one or a few classes. Again, for free. 
EdX - a free online education provided by people from top and best universities around the world. Again, it is also free.

Skillshare - An online skill sharing site where you can learn how others do their stuffs. Mostly paid, some free. Price range from $0 - $25+.
Rate My Professors - Check out a professor's rating from students across the United States, Canada, and UK before signing up for a class. 

Glitter Graphics - super cute and nice graphics for blogging and the likes!

Photobucket - a FREE photo hosting tool for blogging, web designing, or simply storing your photos! Plus! A very huge amount of space just for you! ^_^

*education may be formal or informal. I speak of education as learning and empowering one's mind, feeding it with information that will promote literacy in all aspects and dimensions of life. It may be educational or related.
*the websites mentioned above are not paid sponsors/advertisements and is entirely for sharing purposes only
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