Nov 20, 2012 - FREE Financial Management Tool

Hello everyone! 

Today's review will be about MINT - a free financial management tool for everyone. 
So I have been using Mint for a while now and so far it is a very useful financial tool for me. I have put up my personal checking, savings and credit cards in this beautiful creation and it has been of great help  to me.

So what is MINT?
Mint is a free financial tool that everyone can use to keep track of their personal financial account, bills, savings, expenses and even business transactions. It offers a reminder tool through your email so that you don't miss a single due date for all of your bills. What's great is that you can carry it with you all the time through their iPhone/Android App! Now isn't that fun?! 


  • You can register most personal checking/savings account as well as most credit cards
  • You get to have a personal assistant through their email reminder regarding your bills
  • You get to see all of your transactions in all the registered cards/accounts in your Mint account
  • It gives you tips and tricks regarding your financial health/credit health
  • It suggests credit cards/checking accounts that you may find beneficial in relation to your current transactions (e.g. if you spend a lot on dining, it will suggest a card that you may find useful where you will be able to get cash backs, etc. for dining out)
  • It informs you of bank fees that have been charged to your account that you may have overlooked
  • It offers advice tailored just for you!
  • You can set budgets and goals and Mint will help you attain it
  • You also get to see your financial trend/s through a pie graph
  • Mint suggests investments that you may later on want to put in your cash
  • You will find a lot of helpful and loads of information regarding auto, student, and personal loans
  • Your account is guaranteed safe & secure (I have personally proven it!)
  • Some credit cards are not supported yet such as the Old Navy Credit Rewards Card (which I have)
  • Most offers are poorly evaluated and reviews are not so good when I googled it
  • You have to invest a little bit of time for you to be able to get around pretty well
Other than that, there is so much fun, important and useful information in Mint! Why not try it today? It's absolutely FREE! I use it and still am using it and so far have been satisfied with it. 

One thing I also love is the crisp and simple design and interface Mint uses. It's sleek and modernish interface really adds spice in its software. Thumbs Up!

Oh and by the way, I'm not being paid for this. All reviews are solely from my point of view and experience. :)

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