Pokki vs Start8

Dec 13, 2012

Not satisfied with Windows 8 Interface?
Want the old Start Menu back without losing Windows 8?
I have suggestions... 

The new craze is in.. Pokki or Start 8? So which one is really better?
I can give out the comparison I personally made for you. 

First of all, there's a lot of other Windows Start Menu Software the world has to offer but I believe Pokki and Start 8 are the much more common or should I say known as of the moment.
Before I continue with the two software, I would like to give out the link for other Start Menu Software the world currently has: Alternative.to Start Menu Software

Pokki is a Start Menu Software offered for free for the Windows 8, XP or even 7 OS. It has its own App Store for you to use and download your own apps such as the Facebook App for Pokki which opens in its own window instead of using a browser. All Pokki Apps open in its own window and doesn't use a browser. The apps are currently being developed and tested so there are still few in the app store. 

  • It has a modern UI in a black background with a very cute acorn logo/icon as the Start Menu
  • It offers the back to Windows 8 Interface beside the shut down button if you want to revert back to the windows 8 interface
  • It has its own app store and cute logos/icons for the individual applications it offers
  • It offers real-time notifications for all the applications you download
  • You can save your favorite apps at the start menu so you can have easy access to your most-used applications such as Facebook, Google Mail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Instagram, etc.
  • It offers a powerful search bar for you to easily find any file or software that you need to use
  • Few apps in the Pokki App Store (currently)
  • A lot of opened windows if you use the apps as compared to just using a browser
Start 8 is a Start Menu Software offered for Windows 8 users who want the Start Menu back for a price of $4.99 or $49.95 plus tax. There is also a trial version for 30 days for you to figure out if you'll like it or not. Start 8 has a lot of features in store for its users and a lot of upcoming features too.

  • It is a paid software which might mean more and better features than freewares
  • Features include customizable start menu appearance, modern UI, easily search files and software, easily switch back to the Windows 8 Interface, and a lot more
  • It is closer to the Windows 8 GUI and closer to the Windows 7 Start Menu GUI as well
  • It is paid
Overall, I would recommend using Pokki since it is a free software which offers almost exactly the same features as that of Start 8. Also, I like the interface of Pokki better than Start 8 which for me looks more modern, a lot crisper and a lot cuter. So, what Start Menu would you choose?

The review in this post is entirely from the author's point of view and is in no other way associated with Pokki nor Start 8 and Stardock 
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