Wells Fargo Checking/Savings Account

Dec 13, 2012

Upon coming in to the USA, I had Wells Fargo as my first ever bank for my paychecks and all. So far, I am not a fan because of the I'm-not-rich-enough monthly fee they take from my account which costs $13.00 and of course makes up a $156 fee with which I'd call it an Annual Membership Fee for the not so rich folks. It's like owning an American Express Credit Card already. 

Before you can setup an account, you have to put in a minimum of $100 which isn't really bad. For the savings account, you have to put in a certain amount per month to avoid a fee which was $10/mo for me before.

So what does it cost to get rid of such fee?

Aside from that, I have no clue as to whether they charge me for personally depositing my paycheck on them because my pathetic big company employer with more than a thousand employees doesn't offer such. So, I am not so sure if the personal paycheck deposit is included in the darn $13 fee.

  • They have very friendly and professional-looking bankers
  • They have well maintained and nice bank branches
  • Their online account management tools are nice and helpful
  • They offer automatic payments for bills
  • They offer Send Money Online to other countries for a $3.00 flat rate fee as compared to Western Union 
  • They offer Mobile Deposit
  • They offer free debit card customization :3

  • Expensive monthly fee for average people
  • Mobile Deposit is a bit crashy
  • Robot Telephone Operators
Want to break free from those pesky monthly fees?
I have decided to close my Wells Fargo account and have re-opened my Capital One 360 Checking account. No fees, great service. Hands down to Capital One so far. 

Updated: December 6, 2015 | 
For a list of all fees for the Common Checking Account:

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