Meiji Beaute White Supplement

Jun 21, 2013

Hello guys!

I have finally purchased this much-awaited Meiji Beaute White Supplement! I am so excited to see results, hopefully there is! 

First of all, a bit about the product.
Meiji Beaute White is a product of Meiji (the ever-famous Japanese Brand). The main purpose of this product is simply to make skin radiant and beautiful. This is not meant to whiten but to make the skin look radiant/glowing from within. A bottle contains 84 tablets which you will take 4 pieces a day, 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. All in all, it will be good for about 21 days. I have bought it online at Amazon for $45.24 which includes shipping fee. This reflects $2.15 a day for 21 days which isn't so bad huh? 

It's key ingredients are: gelatin, fish collagen peptide, refined fish oil containing DHA, vegetable oil, pearl coix extract, glycerin, vitamin C, colorant (titanium oxide), emulsifying agent (including soybeans), glazing agent, cysteine, vitamin E, and arginine as stated at the Meiji Website. 

The nutrition facts have a very high amount of the ingredients mentioned which sounds really great. I am just at my 2nd or 3rd day and honestly, my face is beginning to feel really supple and firm. I look glowing and refreshed. I am hoping for more positive changes still. On the other hand, I am experiencing headaches which is unusual since I have finished my period for the month but I am not putting the blame on the supplement as this may be independent of such. I will post more once I have finished a bottle and goodluck! By the way, I have also purchased their Premium Amino Collagen Powder Supplement and I am still waiting  for it at the mail. I'm so excited!! 


Date: 06/29/2013

Hello guys! I just wanna tell you all that I have stopped taking the supplement two days ago since I have been experiencing headaches and nausea but I cannot guarantee that it is the result of taking such since I am also dealing with my eyesight which I think gained a few grade and because I have also noticed that my vision got blurry again. *sigh Another step towards blindness. This is really making me sad, hence, I will be visiting a doctor probably next week. Gosh this is such a pain. I will keep this updated once I have gotten my prescription and then probably continue the supplement again. If the signs and symptoms don't come back, then it was my eyesight after all. Teehee. 

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