Certified Nursing Assistant

Jul 8, 2013

Hello guys! I have officially started my training for Nursing Assistant Certification last June 17th and week 1 has passed by so quickly. I have learnt a lot of new skills, improved some that I already know and am looking forward to learning more!

I am taking my training at NATSchool which stands for Nursing Assistant Training School located at Tukwila, WA. Their website is NATSchool.

The textbook that we used is
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Our workbook is
                                                                 ©Hartman Online

DAY 1 of Clinical

I think I am getting used to the job of caring for people especially the elderly. Our class did our clinical at a long-term care facility which you can also refer to as a nursing home. I think I did a pretty good job of cleaning them (perineal care) and engaging them in conversation. I have also experienced feeding them and I remember feeding a hundred year old resident!

DAY 2 of Clinical

This day had been a breeze and practically went faster then yesterday probably due to the fact that I am really gettin' the hang of it. Yesterday I was questioning my ability and capability but now, I have overcome such and am a little bit empowered to persevere more and more.

DAY 5 (Last day)

I haven't had the chance to say anything about days 3-4 as I have been really exhausted from the duty. I had a 6am - 2:30pm clinical duty and then a 5pm-11pm work, hence, I was totally drained out. But anyway, to sum up day 5, it was pretty sad and joyful. Sad in the sense that I will never be able to care for the the people that I have taken cared of from Day 1. Also, I will miss the team I have worked with since I really learned a lot from them and I have made friends as well. On the other hand, I am pretty joyful because of the fact that the hard-waking up days are over and I can finally go back to working without too much worries. 

I still have a week left till I can finally say that I have almost made it. Finals will be up this week and I am praying to get a high grade for both the skills and written exam. Goodluck to me then. ^_^

Final Week

Alas! The time has come for me to successfully finished this much awaited endeavor! I can finally rest and clear my mind of such tasks and worries... Yay! I have aced my final exam and overcame my deep anxiety towards the dreaded skills test which was honestly, pretty much of common sense and knowledge. Imagine what the nursing students might just be feeling on their own skills test. Comparing it to what a nursing assistant will do, it is fairly obvious that they do much liability-depending tasks. Hence, the need for me to just chill out and anticipate a bright future ahead of me. Besides, Grey's Anatomy is there to inspire and push me to be in the medical field. How wonderful can that be?

Oh and look! I am finally First Aid/CPR/AED Certified which means I can save lives in the most simple ways! Sounds simple but I am most definitely sure that I would be stunned and frozen when actual situations do occur. I know it sounds funny but that is reality for first-timers. Nevertheless, I will try my best to act accordingly in times of crisis and need. Think fast, think hard because I will be a nurse someday. 

What about you? What's your experience? 

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