Evolution of Smooth (Organic Lip Balm)

Aug 20, 2013

Ⓒ iKimmyBee

Hello ladies, and maybe gentlemen!

I have finally gotten the urge of writing a review about this awesome product I have discovered through a friend of mine. 

The Evolution of Smooth (short for EOS) is an organic lip balm for chaffy lips. It comes in various flavors and what I have above is Honeydew (yellow) and mint (lime green). I got this over at Bartell's for a price of $5.00 for 2. I personally recommend mint because it is very minty and a little bit spicy but cool. If you want a really soothing experience, try mint. My favorite is honeydew because I'm not a fan of mint stuffs. Also, honeydew smells so good I can almost eat it! I tried licking it, but it didn't taste anything. LOL. Silly me. Well, I was just curious you know.

What's also great about this balm is that it's organic! I'm a fan of organic stuffs because it doesn't involve harmful chemicals. Also, the container is so minimalist and pastel-hued which is super nice. I'm a minimalist kind of person and I love pastel colors. 

Overall, it is a great product since I have really sensitive lips. My chaffy and dry lips are relieved by only this product amongst all others that I have tried. Take Vaseline Lip Therapy as an example. That product exaggerated my chaffy lips and didn't help at all. It just made my lips peel more and more! 

I highly recommend!
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