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Aug 14, 2013

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Hello guys and welcome to my Lioele First Haul Review! :D As you can see, I have mainly bought sampler products since I am not pretty sure which of these are nice and which are just plain liquids. Their US Website is at where they have various assortments of Korean Beauty Products and a very fabulous looking website which is so fun to navigate. Otherwise, you can also shop through Amazon if you prefer. 

I got a 3-piece freebie courtesy of Lioele Texas. Thank you Lioele! You guys are ultra awesome! 
*The Dr. Ampoule is not really good. It was just like a gel and that's it. Nothing special.
*The Dollish Veil BB Cream - which is the pink sachet is too white for my skin. I have olive skin tone BTW. 

Let's start with the powder pact I got which is so shimmery! :3 
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This powder is highly recommended for girls with oily skin. This was a failure for my skin condition which is dry. It made my skin a lot drier and tired-looking. *Sob sob* For the price, I wasted $28.80 because of my poor choice which means I'd have to deal with this before I can order a different one. Otherwise, it's just waste. I cannot wait to get rid of this! Hihi.

Next is Lioele Secret Rich Pore Balm. 

This pore balm is okay. I like it because it creates a smoother canvass for my makeup instead of directly applying BB Cream on my face. You will feel the BB Cream glide more smoothly and apply evenly on your face. If you have dry skin, it really doesn't give much help since you can still see skin flakes on your face even with the balm on. I guess it just serves its main purpose which is to cover pores, not flaky skin. Teehee! ^_^v

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The picture above is called the Leioele Multi-Seaweed Gel Sachet Sampler. I got that for $1.99 for 3 pieces. Overall, I dislike it because it really didn't show anything at all. It smells good, feels moist, but that is it. No special change in skin. I would rather buy something else than this, but it was worth the try.

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Picture above is called V-Line Waterdrop Sleeping Pack. This one, I absolutley love and adore! It serves its purpose well which is to moisturize the skin. I have used it, as you may have guessed, before sleeping! You can even use it as moisturizer if you have dry skin like mine. It is a good moisturizer for the face. Plus! It smells wonderful! ^_^ Try it and tell me how it was!

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The item above is called Lioele Essential Donut Glo Stick in Nude Beige. It is perfect to wear as a gloss over any matte lipstick which I currently do. My lips are a bit dark and grayish on the edges which requires me to wear lip liners to make it look redder and nicer-looking. This stick is okay for glossing my skin. I have no idea how it will look on other lips. Overall, it's ok. The packaging looks cheap for me as compared to Etude House's packagings. 

Overall Lioele Experience: Okay. 
Overall Lioele Packaging: Cheap. 
Overall Lioele Product Quality: Okay. 
Overall Lioele Recommendation: Will recommend, but not highly likely. 
*They have quite a few products that are really good over the haul I made. 

Will I go back? Sure to try out other stuffs besides those that I have recently purchased! Who knows what I can still find really nice right? 

Disclaimer. All products in this article are reviews based on the author's experience. All images are copyrighted by the respective owners. 


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