Seattle Filipino Passport Renewal

Dec 26, 2015

Hello everyone and welcome to my review on Seattle's Philippine Passport Renewal located at The Filipino Community Center found along M.L. King Way, Seattle.

First of all, I would like to inform you that if you are planning to go attend such event, make sure you either have enough food for the day, or, you have enough money to quench your thirsts and hunger. Since this event is a one-time event in a year (if I am not mistaken), you have to expect long lines, long waiting hours, and lots of people. 

Second, I would like to remind you that this is based from my experience and that each appointment will be different for all of us. 

If you have called them prior to an appointment, do not believe every word they say. I do not mean that they are lying, but, do not take whatever they say word for word. Trust me, you might get disappointed.

So, how is the process and what are the steps to make?
I'll show you how they do it. You know what they say, "...been there, done that."

The website for the passport renewal is: Philippine San
You will find the requirements and forms there, but I will tell you what is/is not needed, what is/is not written there (that you must actually bring with you - which is total nonsense), and some other stuffs. :P

1. Set up an appointment. I have no idea where and how. So, you have to figure that yourself. My mom was the one who set up an appointment with the consul. 

2. Prepare what you need. Everything you need is found at the website I have provided you earlier. 

  • Filled up application form. I want to emphasize this part as I have seen people lining up for their appointment without having filled up the application form completely. I mean, people, come on! 
  • The old/expired passport
  • Your money ($60 passport application fee - bring spare money for different fees not mentioned in their website). You will be paying a donation of $20 if I am not mistaken, for the facility rental. Seriously. Another, as I have mentioned earlier is for the mail fee, and I am not so sure if you will be paying for the photo for the passport. 
  • Photos. It is entirely your choice if you will be bringing photos as mentioned in their website. They have informed us to bring 2x2/passport sized photos but found out that we will not be using them. Instead, they have this small booth for such. *sigh* We wasted $30 for such. 
  • Identification cards (Driver license/Green Card)
  • Your common sense. Need I say more 'coz I think common sense isn't so common nowadays? DX
  • Your patience. You will need it, trust me.
During the process, you will be asked to line up in several stations for paying several "miscellaneous" fees. Be patient with the staffs as I have observed that most of them are old people. You get my point? 

I hope you won't get stuck on lunch break as they all take their breaks at once which means that the line will totally stop. I am telling you, it is so Filipino. It is the same as how they process stuffs in the Philippines. Be patient my friends, be patient. 

There will be lunch served for $10 during my time of application. They served 2 options for lunch: Beef Steak and Ground pork. I took the beef steak and did not regret it. It was good. :D 

There were other booths set up in the hall, probably to keep kids and people busy. 
I hope you the very best during this time and don't forget to bring with you your patience! 

Disclaimer. All information written in this article are entirely of the author's opinion & point of view. Please do not use this article as a guide through the Philippine Passport Renewal Process. Kindly proceed to the website of the organization responsible for such. Thank you.


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