Why I Don't Recommend the Coin Card

Jan 23, 2016

I was among the ecstatic funder of the startup who invented the "Coin Card". They launched their product with the $50 fee for the first people to fund the project. Can you imagine an all-in-one card for your pocket jeans and purse?! Isn't that idea genius? Heck yeah it is!

So, I waited patiently for the card. They have been constantly sending newsletters updating the funders on what's happening behind the scenes, where the project is currently at, and other perks it planned to release.

A year has passed and the newsletters became sparse. People were starting to get impatient because of the long wait and several delays that Coin has made with the promises of when the release was finally be actually released.

Alas! After more than a year of waiting (that I actually have already forgotten about it), they sent my black-sleek-nice-looking Coin Card packed in a white iPhone-like box. I immediately opened and started reading the manual on how to operate and register the cards. The struggle was real when using this Square-like instrument for swiping cards. It would most of the time fail to read a card, that you have to continually make attempts for the strip to read a card.

What I loved about it was the fact that it had a sleek design that made it unique among the rest of the credit/debit card species making it look like it's an elite red-blooded card for the VIPs. Also, the fact that it holds not only credit/debit cards, but membership cards too!

On the contrary, I hated how it relied on Bluetooth and your phone for it to operate. With that being said, if your phone is not within range of the card,  the card would not work at all because it connects to the Coin app via bluetooth "for security purposes". What if your phone was fully drained and you're left with your coin card because you have all your cards registered in it? Well, bummer. Also, it is pretty unstable in terms of performance. Sometimes it would not work, which means either you carry your actual cards in your purse "just in case" the card won't work, which actually defeats its main purpose. In addition to that, the battery lifespan for the card is about 2 years and after that, you only have the option of ordering another card because the batteries are irreplaceable. Say goodbye to your $150 (retail price).

So, what happened to my Coin Card?
It's in my desk drawer, laying in the cold and in the dark.
I highly do not recommend this card. Period.
It's only a waste of money.


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