The Ten Year Journal Review

Mar 27, 2016

I have recently decided to keep a Ten Year Journal just for the fun of it. A friend of mine mentioned it to me a few months back and it was at a perfect timing since it was the start of 2016 as well. I have to admit that I have to keep up with the writing, but due to my busy schedule, I seem to not be so good at it.

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What is the Ten Year Journal?
It is a journal (about an inch thick or more) where you record a one-line or one-sentence life event for the day that you think has been quite meaningful, sentimental, or simply should be unforgettable. It is a diary of years. It is not intended to be in-depth as the writing space for each day is limited, hence, the one-sentence a day goal. 

More Information About the Journal
The journal has a calendar in it as with any other planner or agenda. I have bought the 2016 version which spans to the year 2026 (ten years of my life). The cover is made of leather and has two ribbon bookmarks. You can either buy it in black or maroon. I have the maroon one although I love black. In terms of durability, it will surely last ten years because the high-grade leather cover will definitely last years, if not a lifetime.

Table of Contents
  1. Information about the journal (instructions, etc.)
  2. 2-Page Notes Section
  3. An 11-Year Plan Page
  4. A 2-Page Monthly Summary with entry pages
  5. Continuation Pages - spaces to write whatnots/notes
  6. Address Book Pages for contacts
  7. Event Tracker
  8. Monthly Memo

What's good about the planner is the way the days are outlined. One page is equivalent to one day outlined from 2016 down to 2026. In other words, you will be able to read what unforgettable moment you've had, say for example, 3 years ago. Isn't that cool?

So far, I am loving it and am looking forward to reading past moments I have deemed unforgettable or special. I highly recommend this journal who loves writing and enjoys/cherishes memories of the past. Reminiscing the good times and the bad times are a part of a maturation process of the human being and I think it is a healthy process of aging because we learn a lot from experiences.

More so, I think the journal is okay in terms of design. Its simplistic design is great, however it could use more features. The price is ultimately fair and affordable at $35.99 (during the time I have purchased it through Amazon).

If you want to learn more about the product, you can visit the Amazon Product Page.

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