Where to Buy Legit Contact Lenses

Apr 17, 2016

I hope this post finds you well and cozied up for the coming holiday season. 

This post will be highlighting a list of sites that sell legitimate/authentic contact lenses that have been tried and tested by a lot of people across the nation, including me. Contact lenses are great for the cosplayers, fashion gurus, and anyone who feels comfortable wearing it. There is no order or ranking implemented in this post. Enjoy!

1. Pinky Paradise. A very cute website for all the dolls out there. Their website is covered in pink cuteness, you wouldn't ever want to leave. Go ahead, check it out. 

2. Honeycolor. Honeycolor is another kawaii website that's covered in pink. It is very similar to Pinky Paradise except for the fact that they have fewer selections and cheaper prices. I usually shop through Honeycolor because it's cheap. However, if I really like a style that they don't have, I will opt for the other one. 

3. Korea Big Eyes. Korean lenses, as usual. They have fewer selections but with decent prices. 

4. Uniqso. This lens shop has by far a vast variety of choices to choose from and is where I normally purchase mine. I usually order a month supply because that was what my eye doctor instructed me to do. Go ahead check it out!

So far, these are my lists. I will keep on updating these as I scour the internet for great shops. I just recently ordered from Pink Paradise and I will be posting a review once I feel like typing. 

I am feeling kinda lazy now, and so, I must go. Stay tuned.

855-226-0431 TME COOKLGH BETTERH Magazine Subscription Charges

Apr 16, 2016

Have you ever seen this charge in your Bank Statement Account - 855-226-0431 TME COOKLGH BETTERH Magazine Subscription Charges? You are not alone. It is not a scam because believe it or not, it is your long forgotten magazine subscription service that got you all hyped up because of the great deal you have been fooled of. Well, not really but sort of.

In this post, I will teach you how to cancel the subscription the right and immediate way. Even though it is an AI phone operator, there are a lot of tricks (both vague and misleading) that the company has put in to make the enticing 'Yes' answer to all of the AI questions. Please don't make this mistake. 

  1. Dial the number 855-226-0431 and wait for the AI phone operator. At this point, patience is highly encouraged. Do not be tempted to answer immediately, but instead be calm and let the AI phone operator finish. Remember, it is impolite to interrupt. 
  2. The question you should ask the AI is 'how do I cancel?' or 'cancel options'. For me, I used 'how do i cancel'. Then, the AI will give you further instructions and simply answer as needed. Again, let the AI finish and do not interrupt.
  3. The AI will ask you which subscription to cancel and simply say the name of the magazine such as 'TIME', 'Better Homes', or 'Good Housekeeping', etc. You can only cancel one subscription at a time. 
  4. After which, you will hear this piece of line 'Great News!... ' blah blah blah. Whatever the AI says, the response will be 'NO'. 
  5. Then, the AI will reply back with the line, 'I'm sorry you didn't enjoy [insert magazine title here]...'. Again, response will be a flat out 'NO'. 
  6. After which, you have successfully cancelled the specific magazine you have requested to be cancelled! Congratulations! Your patience has been greatly rewarded! 
  7. If you want to cancel another magazine, simply repeat steps 2-7. Please don't forget to write down your reference number too.
There you go. Cancel that subscription because you don't need a hoard of magazines at home when everything is digital. It's just a bunch of sponsored paid ads in paper with very little information. Seriously. Unless you are a commercial business, magazines are helpful.

The Millennial Blogger