Amazon Dash - Every Millennial's Bestfriend

May 29, 2016

As most of you have heard, or may not have heard, Amazon Dash is the next best thing about being a millennial - the convenience of having groceries (both fresh and pantry essentials) delivered right at your doorstep, with or without you at home. Being amongst the hundreds, if not, thousands of happy customers of Amazon Prime, I have to say that it is by far the most convenient online grocery shopping experience I have ever had.

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I have to say that I have yet to try Safeway's online grocery delivery and then I can compare. Walmart has already launched their version of Prime, but so far in my area, they are nonetheless, unreachable.

I started out with the ever famous Amazon Prime 30-Day Trial, and of course as expected, I fell inlove with it. Being the millennial introvert who has no time for outdoor errands, this was my dream come true. Hence, I converted to an Amazon Student Prime Membership. After which, Amazon Fresh 30-day trial, which was basically the deciding factor for my grocery needs.

Obviously, the Full Prime Membership has all the options and that with every trial I used, it got me more hooked into it. I know it is marketing strategy and I have to admit that their strategy works. From a trial membership to a full-fledge Prime Membership - their conversion is strong.

It may not be the best option for many, but as for me, it is extremely convenient and stress-free. The Dash Scanner, being of utmost beauty with its sleek modern design, it truly is a millennial's kitchen gadget.

Below is an overview of the phone setup (the only way you can set your dash) if you are rather curious.

Setting Up Your Amazon Dash Through Your Phone

It is a no-brainer.
Simply follow and you'll be set even before you know it.

Below, you will find the instructions on how to utilize your "lightsaber".

There you have it, the quick start guide for your Amazon Dash needs.

Honestly, it is ideal for busy people like me. I go to school, work full-time, manage an online business, blog for a side job, design niceties, cook by night and the weekends, etc. Once I see something low, I just grab the scanner and hit that button and it'll be in my Amazon Fresh Cart - ready and waiting for my next grocery shopping. That way, I don't forget what I don't want to forget when it's time to refill the pantry and the fridge.

An update to this article ---
I have cancelled my Fresh Membership earlier August when the Pokemon Go game came out, thinking it would encourage me to go out and do my own groceries. It did for a little while, and then the gamer in me died down and I retreated to my haven. That's right, I re-subscribed.

I have to admit, I am a millennial after all.

Are you on the Fresh Membership? How's your experience so far? Comment below if you like! I can answer your questions as well if you have any about this service.


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