Jaanuu Scrubs Review

May 29, 2017

I have recently discovered this millennial medical apparel store called Jaanuu over at Facebook and was immediately stunned by the beauty of the scrub sets the company has! Hence, it led me to finally purchase a top since it was the most appealing that had my size (which was XXS). Take a look at the image below.

Image Copyright of Jaanuu.com
The top was made of antibacterial material and had the logo embroidered in gold. The zipper on the side made the apparel look exquisite and I believe this was the most appealing part of the clothing. It is true to size, however, I wish the arms were a bit smaller in diameter as I am pretty thin in stature. There are two pockets on each side for pens and whatnots as you go about hustlin' your day in the hospital or clinic.

The package came in a parcel stamped with the Jaanuu logo on it. It also came wrapped in delicate tissue paper sealed by its logo sticker in gold foil. There were approximately 5 cards; one thank you card and 4 share cards. The share cards are postcards you can send to your friends with a discount coupon code (Code: FRIENDS) at 20% off if I am not mistaken.

Overall, I would love to purchase more if and only if they will provide the XXS sizes in all of their styles. In the future, I think they will. I highly recommend! Quality is excellent. How was your experience so far?


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