Walmart's Amazon Prime is ShippingPass Pilot 2-Day Free Shipping

Jun 8, 2016

As you may all have heard, Walmart has launched their ShippingPass Pilot Program to compete with Amazon's Prime. Now, the question is, will it click?

I am a happy Amazon Prime member, and now that Walmart has launched its "Prime-ish" counter to Amazon, I am reconsidering my options. However, not at the moment of its beta testing. I will wait for the "Trial" if there is going to be any at all, and of course, more features. I believe Walmart has a lot to polish and add to their program, such as the Fresh Produce Delivery to be included in their program.

What are the Pros and Cons between the two companies?
Price: Amazon Prime with Fresh is $299/year
Price: Walmart ShippingPass Pilot is $49/year

Shipping: Both feature 2-day Free Shipping on select products. However, Amazon has far too many products than its rival, Walmart. Also, Amazon offers Same-Day Shipping. Walmart does not.

Videos: Unlimited streaming only at Amazon.

Grocery Delivery: Amazon delivers both dry and fresh goods. Walmart only delivers dry goods.

Storage: Amazon has unlimited photo storage and 1 gb file storage (if I'm not mistaken because I am too lazy to check). Walmart does not.

Music: Unlimited streaming for Amazon, not for Walmart. Yet?

In the meantime, I stick to Amazon Prime with Fresh at $299/year. When Walmart offers a free trial and perhaps the fresh grocery delivery, I might give it a try.

Have you tried both? What can you say about it? I'd love to know!


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