Caviar Seattle Lunch Meal Delivery Service Review

Aug 6, 2016

Here's another meal delivery service called Caviar. Just like Postmates and UberEats, Caviar food delivery service offers food delivery to established locations only. It is definitely a must-try-and-see-for-yourself experience if you are a certified #foodie.

Caviar is among the Square Product Software Suite. Meaning, they are the ones behind the company's back. Also, we all know that Square is the arch nemesis of Paypal. Anyway, going back to the review, I would also want to say that among the three meal delivery apps I have personally used, Caviar definitely tops all of them because of the fact that they actually have photos of the variety of food in their system - therefore, enabling you to judge whether a food looks scrumptious or not.

The Caviar online or web interface boasts a modern-looking blueprint. You can either order from the app or from the site which is again another one of the great features the service offers (Postmates and UberEats only offers app ordering). 

Below is a snapshot of the interface.


One thing you'll also love is the fact that they deliver ultra fast as compared to UberEats and Postmates! I've had bad experiences with Postmates as well - from spilled food to order cancellations, up to more than an hour of waiting. So, overall, Caviar trumps all.

Have you tried their service? Let me know what you think! If you haven't tried them yet, might as well get $10 off your first order right?! That's how I first ordered from them too!


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