Pokemon Go Review

Aug 2, 2016

It's definitely time for a Niantic and Nintendo Pokemon tandem review. With Pokemon Go as the current hype, and I being physically and emotionally drawn to the trend, it's no wonder a review will pop out of the world wide web just within a few minutes of its release.

Being a millennial baby, Pokemon was my era. Up to this day, I still know the lyrics of its original soundtrack and I am proud of that.

Pokemon Go is real-time game where you as a trainer get to go outside and actually hunt for pokemons, train pokemons, and mingle with people. With your phone's GPS and map, the game was made possible, all thanks to Niantic and its affiliates.

Like any other game, it still has flaws, less features, and on update all the time, but definitely is a big success all over the world. A lot of people play the game, from children to adults. There are lots of pros and cons to the game, that of course critics would never let slip.

PROS of the Game:

  1. It promotes good fitness/health on an anti-cheat basis (meaning you don't use your dog to hatch those eggs). 
  2. It promotes socialization. 
  3. It actually encourages you to get out of the house because in order to catch Pokemons,  you need to go places.
  4. It is a general patronage game. Simply cuteness overload!
+ Lots of future updates that I truly believe are promising!

CONS of the Game:

  1. Stranger Danger. With the game being played outdoors by people, children are prone to kidnapping. For women on the other hand, it could cause rape. People are so trusting once they know that someone also plays Pokemon Go regardless of the age. 
  2. Unlikely Accidents. There has already been a report in Seattle of two men falling off a cliff while trying to catch a Pokemon, causing the other to lose his life. Moreover, Pokemon-ing while driving is a number one cause as well. 
  3. Trespassing. Some people simply feel like it's okay to trespass onto other people's property just to catch Pokemons.
There you are. A simple and short review on my point of view regarding the famous Pokemon Game developed by Niantic. Just remember, be safe and use your common sense.


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