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Sep 23, 2016

It seems like food delivery has been among the trends for the millennials. We live in an ever hustling and bustling world, where convenience tops price overall. Not many may agree, but this is just based from my own personal views. I am a college student, working full-time as a Medical Assistant in the realm of the human species, while webpreneur in the world of the internet. Most millennials are on the go, up and about their lives - work, sleep, play, repeat. With that, comes the need or want for comfort and convenience most especially in satisfying one of the human basic needs - need for food.

The Rise of the Food/Meal Delivery Empire

The food and/or meal delivery empire is on the rise because millennials seek convenience. We want fast and scrumptious meals because we

I am a web-savvy techie millennial. I need to try things out as they come out. From delivery services to actual products, if it interests me, it will be tried by me so I can write something about it in a not-so-professional kind of way.


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Postmates Order History UI
The downside? If you are on lunch break and you only have an hour to eat, you might go hungry if they suddenly cancelled your order (which has happened to me quite often). It is a bummer. More so, some orders will arrive with no spoon or fork.

Funny story: I remember ordering a burrito bowl at Qdoba and I got a burrito with a paper bowl. Lol.

Will I recommend the app? Yes.
How is my rating? It will be a 4/5.
Do not use on a regular basis if you don't want to go broke.


The function is basically the same - to deliver food. However, Peachd only delivers lunch to your office. Also, they only have one meal per food category (meat, veg, and lite) per day (Monday thru Friday only). Learn more at Below is an example of their daily menu.

They also have an awesome website - beautifully designed and extremely user friendly too. I love the colors of the website and just every bit of it.


Caviar is also another food and meal delivery service that offers great food from great restaurants. They've got Sushi, Thai food, burgers, and so much more that you'll never run out of meals to choose from. My favorite is always sushi.

They deliver in 19 US cities so far which is awesome. Also, it is owned and operated by Square Company, rival of Paypal. I love the fact that they have their own marketplace where sellers can actually sell their goods as compared to Paypal's payment-based solution only.

Moreover, they also offer the ability to pre-order ahead of time so that when work gets you overloaded, you don't have to worry about ordering on the spot. The food will come to you on the time that you have specified. Isn't that great?


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