The Sharing Economy - How Millennials Live

Jul 9, 2017

Welcome to the "Sharing Economy" - the new economy of the millennials. In today's economy, we live differently - we live conveniently.

The Sharing Economy

Everything stemmed out from the concept of the sharing economy. Nowadays, people tend to live in a shared ecosystem, from home living to food consumption and work environment. Today, we are able to rent out spaces or kiosks for our personal or business needs. There are offices who rent out a seat and a computer for a small fee; Perfect for entrepreneurs and startup companies. There are subscription services of various kinds - from makeup to dog food, you name it. There's also the micro-gigs that freelancers do to earn extra income. It is a micro-economy, all about convenience and satisfaction. 

Travel Industry of the Shared Economy

Airbnb. You can rent out your home or a room of your home to travelers.
Car 2 Go. Car renting without hassles for people on the go. Drive these tiny cute cars at $0.41 per minute. 
Lyft Rideshare Service. Use your personal car to earn extra income by driving for people.
Uber Rideshare Service. Another startup company similar to Lyft. You should know this. 

Food Subscriptions & Deliveries of the Shared Economy

Boxed. Bulk groceries delivered to your doorstep.
Cafe Brit. Are you a coffeeholic? This is your tandem.
Candy Club. You guessed it right. This is for all those with the sweet tooth! Candy subscription! Yeah!
Caviar. Try Caviar, just like Postmates and Peachd and UberEats, you get your meal delivered to your home or office nice and warm. Oh, this one's owned by Square.
Graze. Healthy snacks delivered to your doorstep.
Peach Office Meal Delivery. A meal delivery service delivered every 12 noon right in your office for your office. Always free shipping. Sharing lunch delivery with your colleagues, one lunch at a time.
Plated. It is "dinner for people who love food".
PupJoy. Don't let the other member of the family get left behind -- they've got pawsome subscription services too!

Crowdfunding Platforms

Kickstarter. Have a brilliant idea in mind but no funds? Jump right in to the Kickstarter campaign and present your brilliant idea to the world. People who love your idea might just fund you the money you need to make it actually happen!
Go Fund Me. Another crowdfunding platform, but this time, it's more for a cause than Kickstarter.
CrowdFunder. Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and startups of the world.

Peer to Peer Lending

DropBox. File sharing or file lending - either way, this is still the new norm.
Prosper. A peer-to-peer investing platform that allows people to invest on people for as little as $25.
The Lending Club. A lending marketplace for both personal and business use, crowdfunded by the common people.

Gig Economy

Fiverr. Offer your services from $5 and up to earn extra income from doing what you like to do.

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