Jaanuu Scrubs Review

May 29, 2017

I have recently discovered this millennial medical apparel store called Jaanuu over at Facebook and was immediately stunned by the beauty of the scrub sets the company has! Hence, it led me to finally purchase a top since it was the most appealing that had my size (which was XXS). Take a look at the image below.

Image Copyright of Jaanuu.com
The top was made of antibacterial material and had the logo embroidered in gold. The zipper on the side made the apparel look exquisite and I believe this was the most appealing part of the clothing. It is true to size, however, I wish the arms were a bit smaller in diameter as I am pretty thin in stature. There are two pockets on each side for pens and whatnots as you go about hustlin' your day in the hospital or clinic.

The package came in a parcel stamped with the Jaanuu logo on it. It also came wrapped in delicate tissue paper sealed by its logo sticker in gold foil. There were approximately 5 cards; one thank you card and 4 share cards. The share cards are postcards you can send to your friends with a discount coupon code (Code: FRIENDS) at 20% off if I am not mistaken.

Overall, I would love to purchase more if and only if they will provide the XXS sizes in all of their styles. In the future, I think they will. I highly recommend! Quality is excellent. How was your experience so far?

UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went

May 20, 2017

Hello fellow millennials, generation x'ers, baby boomers, etcetera etcetera. Welcome to my review of UberEats McDonalds Delivery. Yes, you read that right my friend. You can have McDonalds at the tip of your fingertips with a few swipes here and there. How much will it cost? Just a couple dollars and a few taxes. Extremely affordable and scrumptiously tempting.

UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went

Guess what? Let me tell you one more time. You can now have your McDonalds cravings satisfied -- thanks to UberEats Delivery. It's about time that McDonalds offer delivery and participate in the sharing economy because us millennials are not lazy, but instead busy taking care of more important needs. Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself to a week of junk food. 

With my accidental discovery, I felt a zap of energy and a spark of happiness within when I saw it right in front of me. The beautiful red and yellow specs of the brand gleaming at my very existence. I just finished a 3000-word research paper and it's time to re-nourish the neurons who were hard at work one millisecond ago. I was tired of Yelp's repeating pizza offerings and GrubHub's Indian restaurant choices that I didn't really like. Well hey, Amazon Restaurants isn't offered where I live, so let's try UberEats if they have finally caught up in my neighborhood. 

UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went UberEats McDonalds Delivery -- I Ordered McDonalds Using UberEats & This Is How It Went

TADAH! So many beautiful choices! Sushi here, pizza there, Asian cuisines here, and fast food over there! No way! Yes way!

Menu is exactly the same as the store menu. Food is being prepared and I just couldn't stop being excited. It's like a dream come true in the 20th century.

A few minutes later, the food arrived and got devoured. The overall experience was superb. My order was complete, warm, on-time, and arrived in great edible condition. The Uber Driver was superb too!

Have you tired it yet? If not, use my code ( EATS-KIMMYG251UI )so you can get $10 off your order, then I get $5 off. It's a win-win for both of us! If you have, how was your experience? Comment below! I'd love to hear your opinion!

Web Hosting Providers

May 7, 2017

This is a comprehensive directory listing of web hosting providers in alphabetical order. I will try to update this from time to time where you will see the last update at the very bottom of the page. Most importantly, snippets of information would be provided as well. For suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to leave a comment or a message. Thank you all!

Web Hosting Providers Directory

1 & 1 Hosting. $0.99/mo* (Free Domain + 50gb Storage + Unlimited Email) - Extremely cheap domain and website hosting for starters. They offer Wordpress managed hosting as well which makes this company stand out among the rest. 

Bluehost $3.95/month* (Free Domain + 50gb Storage + 5 email) - This is the first ever web hosting provider I went with starting out on the world wide web. Their interface is pretty much okay and looks just like any other web hosting providers' control panel. They have a one-click install for Wordpress which makes it the number one go-to place for most bloggers and creatives. Lots of great reviews as well and most importantly, affordable pricing.

eHost  $2.75/mo* (Free Domain + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited email) - I have not personally tried their service yet, but based on their website, they also offer an easy Wordpress integration option. Their pricing is extremely competitive, as well as the features that they offer. 

GoDaddy $1/mo* (Free Domain + 10gb Storage) - I have bought a domain with them recently and found their interface to be user-friendly. I love the design and presentation. However, hosting is something I couldn't speak for. They always have deals running and they are also a leading hosting provider. 

Hostinger $2.15/mo* (10gb Storage + 1 Email) - To be honest, if I would choose a hosting company, I would really go for Hostinger because of the extremely good deal they offer. For one website, you get 2.15/mo. However, if you have multiple sites, go upgrade for $3.49/mo for a whopping unlimited everything! Unlimited websites, bandwidth, emails, FTPs, users, and a holy lot more! I certainly wish I have discovered them in the first place. However, I am stuck with Bluehost, but after which, I may switch with Hostinger

iPage $3.25/mo* (Free Domain + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited email) - I have not tried them yet, but then again, the low introductory offer looks good and suitable for starters. Features an easy Wordpress integration as well and a web security scanner. 

JustHost $2.95/mo* (Free Domain + 50gb Storage + 5 email) - This is very similar to Bluehost's features, but way cheaper. Probably ideal for the beginners. However, their interface is not as appealing as compared to Bluehost's, and so, just a heads up. Also featuring Wordpress as part of their easy-install integrations which is a plus for affordable hosting.

Millennial Hosting for Millennials $3.75/mo* ($7 Domain + Unlimited Storage + 500 email) - Wordpress optimized and features ultra lightning fast server performance for starters. Ideally recommended for those who are thinking of integrating a cart solution or those who are thinking of selling online. Also, they are cloud-based - affordable. This is the best choice for startups. They also feature a FREE Reseller Account, as compared to most hosting providers where you have to pay on a monthly basis in order to resell hosting.

Mocha Host $1.95/mo* (Free Domain* + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited Email) - So far, this is the best-priced hosting solution I have come across with. Ideal for bloggers and small businesses. However, their Wordpress integration introductory offer starts at $2.48/mo*. So, if you are fine without Wordpress as your content management system, this is the best bet for you.

Namecheap $9.88/yr* (Hosting up to 3 websites + 20gb Storage + 1 Email) - This is a highly recommended option for starters who do not have that much data to store and upload in a website. Extremely affordable for a year of hosting, plus the ability to host 3 websites! I am currently on this plan for one of my websites and I love the super fast bandwidth as compared to Bluehost's Starter Pack.

Namecheap - Best Domain Provider

Nexcess $11.95/mo* (Free Domain + 10gb Storage + Email) - Nexcess is a fairly expensive hosting service and I think is ideal for those who have the budget and need for speed. Ideally, their performance is speedy in terms of server stats which is fair enough for the price. Wordpress integration is never a problem, with a vast amount of extra security features too.

Siteground $3.95/mo* (Free Domain + Unlimited Storage + Unlimited Email) - Siteground's interface is pretty much basic and straight to the point. I have tried their service for a couple days but decided to cancel not because they have bad service, but because I initially changed my mind and they were pretty much prompt to process refunds. 

Strikingly $0/mo to $16/mo* (Free to Paid Domain + 5gb to Unlimited Storage + Email Service Unknown) - If you have zero coding experience and would like to DIY your own website, this is for you! Strikingly offers zero costs for startups who are on a tight budget (with limited features of course), but easily customizable web layouts! What's great is if you like how their systems operate, you can easily upgrade. 

Wordpress Engine $29/mo* (Domain Service Unknown + 10gb Storage + Email Service Unknown) - Wordpress Engine is a truly remarkable and powerful WP hosting provider. However, their pricing may be a little too much for beginners. If you have a great budget, then I highly suggest you go for Wordpress Engine. 

Other Hosting Providers

Cloud URL from $1.99/mo*
Domain Hosting from $3.75/mo*
Fat Cow from $3.75/mo*
Host Deal from $4.80/mo*
Media Temple  from $20/mo*
My Hosting from $9.84/mo*
One Web Hosting from $2.50/mo*

*Note: Most web hosting providers offer a year of discounted prices, after which regular rates will apply. Others will require a contract (most common is the 3-year one). Consider reading the fine print before purchasing. Oh and by the way, most of which are affiliate links where I earn a small compensation for referring clients. Please support by using the links. Thanks! 

Last update 05/7/2017.

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