Sam's Club Shopping Guide - Sam's Club Is Closing Stores In Washington

Jan 20, 2018

Millennials have been stereotyped as notorious happy-go-lucky spenders who do not intend to buy houses, but instead choose to rent their lives out. They are often known to be key participants of the sharing economy or peer-to-peer lending economy and do not intend to commit to one job forever. Yes, some of those are true. However, those are most often exaggerated in not so nice ways. I am a millennial and I like to save here and there and invest time and money to this and that. Hey, I love experience too. It doesn't matter how expensive or costly it might be, if I like it, I want to try it so long as I can afford it. Otherwise, maybe save for it or find an alternative to it.

Sam's Club Shopping Guide

Grocery shopping is upgrading to the next level with Amazon being the pioneer of online grocery shopping. I have been there, seen this, and experienced that, and eventually figured it is not the best option for someone who has too many subscriptions at hand. Well luckily, I am also a member of two other big time grocery chains -- Costco and Sam's Club.

Both chains save me a ton of money in terms of bulk buying and stocking. Overall, with two memberships in hand, it is a little bit doubtful. Having two memberships gives me $100/year of expenses. May or may not be too much, but then again, you get to have one extra household per membership which simply cuts it to about half ($50/year) if the other party offers to share the fee.

Unfortunately, Costco does not offer student membership perks to college students which isn't so bad. However, on the other hand, the Sam's Club's perk for college students is cool as it saves you $15 in membership dues. Overall, you only pay $85 for both stores and $30/year for a Sam's Club membership. Still awesome!

Why two memberships for a wholesale chain? Common sense dictates that one does not always have the other's inventory. Obviously, Costco has more to offer but personally, Sam's Club gas is easily accessible from where I currently reside. Besides, it doesn't have the long lines that Costco always has.

Sam's Club Tips & Tricks for the Frugal Millennial

  • SHOP DISCOUNTED BULK MEAT. Discounted meats aren't that bad. All you have to do is re-freeze them to make 'em last. You'd probably say this is a bit dangerous for the health, but yes it's a gamble and so far, nothing has happened to me from doing this. 
  • PET LOVERS GALORE. If you have a pet, raw feeding and bulk buying at Sam's Club will save you a ton of time and money. Most importantly, this will give your pooch a long and healthy life. Some of the products to buy are chicken wings, boxed eggs, fresh meat, fresh poultry, and plain yogurt. Also, add those fruits and veggies for an almost complete diet. Moreover, you can buy the dog kibble if you are not on the BARF or raw meat diet. 
  • DON'T FORGET THE CLEARANCE. The clearance part may not be the loveliest of sights but you'll never know what treasure you may find. Since you're already there, drop by and say hi! 
  • BUY ONLINE, PICK UP IN-CLUB. One of the easiest things to do is buy online and pick up in-club. It is a surefire way to save since you'll be picking up right at the very front where you won't get tempted to impulsively buy unnecessary things as you walk along the aisles. 
  • BUY COOKED FOOD RIGHT OUTSIDE THE REGISTERS. They have good deals on their pizzas, sundaes, and hotdogs. Why not fill the tummy with a $1.50 hotdog, right? 
  • DON'T FORGET TO CALCULATE. Not everything in Sam's Club is of great value as compared to other stores. For example, if you have Amazon Prime, the Always Thin Liners are way cheaper than Sam's Club (last computed on May 28, 2017). Over at Amazon, it is priced at about $10-ish plus free shipping, while Sam's Club sells it for $9.98 plus $4.72 shipping which totals to $14-ish all in all. 
  • TOILETRIES TO BUY. The Member's Mark brand of toilet paper is made of great quality materials that I highly recommend as compared to Costco's. Again, this is of my own opinion and I know that most bloggers are on the contrary. I am just the millennial who goes for quality and convenience too, at the same time save on some other things if I can kind of millennial.
  • LAUNDRY & SOAP. Everything soapy is great if you buy the Member's Mark brand such as the Member's Mark laundry detergent and Member's Mark fabric softener. It is as good as Downy or Tide
  • BUY DIY CARPET CLEANER RECIPE. If you have pets, babies, or carpet at home, you can save by concocting your very own carpet cleaner. It's easier than your think and costs cents for a whopping gallon of it as compared to roughly $12.99 of Bissell soap that you might consume in one day depending on how much area your carpet occupies. 

What You Need: Baking Soda, White Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Dawn Liquid Detergent, and Member's Mark Fabric Softener.

=01/20/2018 UPDATE=

As of today, Sam's Club is closing it's warehouses in the state of Washington and will only be available online. They are holding a 25% off everything clearance sale to empty out their warehouses. It's sad that they're going, but at the same time if it's for the good of their company, well then let it be.

Shopping on liquidation sale was not so bad. The line was outside into the cold to keep the store organized and peaceful. It wasn't long until we get our chance to shop, but of course late into the day, there was barely anything left from the morning's and yesterday's rush.

I tried to grab the mentioned items in this list, but no laundry softener nor Clorox wipes were to be found. There wasn't fresh meat anymore and only a few not-so-good veggies and fruits. The frozen aisle was empty and only 2% milk was left.

It was like Black Friday in January. It felt weird and almost apocalyptic. Amazon is killing it. Now, I'm waiting to see what will become of those buildings they might soon abandon. They might turn it into a fulfillment center for Walmart too. Who knows.

Oh hey! Shopping online? Don't forget Ebates for rebates! So far, I got reimbursed $12 for simply using the site. You can use it together with Honey for coupons and then if you get a receipt, use Ibotta too. Just like Ebates, you can opt for SwagBucks instead or Wiki Buy.

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