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Jul 15, 2017

I have always been the OCD clean freak at the same time lazy cleaner. As much as possible, I would always want to clean in the shortest and most convenient way possible while of course saving cents at as well. You might even say I'm crazy because what I want is simple luxury. As a frugal millennial, part-time business student, full-time medical assistant, webpreneur, creative, and everything in between, yes -- I want simple luxury. It is possible and let me show you how in this post (and of course there's a ton more in other posts).

Method for Home 

For this simple bathroom cleaning hack and tip, all you need is Method. Not only is Method an extremely creative, vibrant, and cheerful brand, but it is also earth-friendly which is a plus for me. Nowadays, I prefer companies who curate and create for a good cause and this is why I support Method. Of course, their products are top notch, genuine, and smells really good.

The Tub Cleaning Conundrum

My bathroom is from the 80s, which makes it quite small, generic, and tubby. It's not a walk in shower but it is a tub. You know how it is to clean tubs - tiring. With all the bending and scrubbing, I just couldn't fathom the fact that I have to clean it on a weekly basis just to achieve a sparkling clean bath haven. However, Method answered my prayers. No more bending, scrubbing, kneeling, and cleaning on a weekly basis.

As I was scouring Amazon for a quicker and convenient clean, I came across various kinds and brands usch as automatic shower cleaners, the classic all-in-one bathroom cleaner, disposable scrub singles, and of course the shower cleaner sprayer.

Never Scrub That Tub Again

Method Shower Spray
Photo courtesy of Method

Trying things out is a fun thing especially if you come out to liking such as is the case for me and my tub cleaning escapades. On October 2016, I finally decided to give Method Shower Spray a try. Once I have tried it, I then decided to purchase in bulk because it's cheaper and 7 months and counting later at $36.49 for an 8pack, I still have 3 whole bottles left. All in all, I believe that it'll take me a year and more to finish up that $36.49 box of Method shower spray. Of course, you also have the potion to subscribe and save through Amazon, but it only comes out to 6 months at the very most, which is not the deal for me. I wish they would come up with longer months too.

How to Use Method Shower Spray

Well, you basically spray all over the tub and showerhead + handle after every bath. Period. Then, watch it stay clean, grime-free, and sparkly white every shower time.

The Method Shower Spray Verdict

Overall, it is a 4.5 over 5. The smell is great, but a little bit strong. That's the only con I can think of. The pros: No more scrubbing, no more dirty tub, hello sparkly tub, hello clean tub, and yes to a much more convenient life one less crappy chore at a time.


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