Unblocking Ad Blockers - The Smart Way

Jan 21, 2018

In the world we live in, online advertisements are following us everywhere we go. What's more interesting (and creepy for some) is the fact that they seem to know what we've been up to lately. Technically, it does know what we do, what we search for, what we pin, and the list goes on. Data analytics has made this possible which then prompted the development of ad blockers. Then, the nemesis of ad blockers came in - The Ad Blocker Blockers. Could it get even more complicated than this? If you are a blogger like me, or an online publisher who relies on ads for extra cash, you want your ads to bypass the ad blockers. The ad blocker blockers may be too technical for you. Hence, I made my own technique. Unbocking ad blockers - the smart way.

Unblocking Ad Blockers - The Smart Way

If you happen to take a look around my blog, you'll see all of my customized and themed ads on the sidebar. This is how I am unblocking ad blockers and they work extremely well for me. With ad blockers, you will still see my custom ads whether you like it or not. So, how did I do this? It is a fairly simple technique and I hope you get to experiment with it too.

What You'll Need In Unblocking Ad Blockers

  1. An affiliate network membership such as Share-A-Sale, Commission Junction, or LinkShare. Click here for a list of affiliate networks you can join to.
  2. A graphic maker such as Canva or Banner Snack.
  3. An image hosting provider such as Flickr.
  4. Google Chrome Extension - Imager Geek.
  5. An affiliate cloaker such as Thirsty Affiliates or Pretty Link.
  6. Some basic HTML codes.
  7. Patience.

Unblocking Ad Blockers - The Smart Way 

  1. Once you are signed up for an affiliate network and have been approved by a merchant as an affiliate, you can acquire your affiliate link with your unique ID. Copy the link (and paste it to Evernote or a text editor).
  2. Open up your affiliate link cloaker of preference and create a new link.
  3. With the graphic creator, create your banner ad the way you want it to look. 
  4. Upload your graphic to the image hosting provider of your choice. 
  5. Click CTRL + Q or right click on a space at the Flickr area and choose Grab Images via the zzllrr option. This should then open up a new tab with a long list of extracted images from that Flickr page. Look for the image you uploaded.
  6. Right click on the image and copy image address.
  7. Go to your post or template and choose the spot where you want to put the ad.
  8. With HTML enabled, it's time to put in the codes. [a href="THE-CLOAKED-AFFILIATE-LINK-URL-HERE"][img src="THE-IMAGE-URL-HERE"][/a]. The red brackets need to be changed into open/close parentheses. Replace bold-lettered words with your respective links. You can highlight then paste. Then click save. 
  9. Go to your blog or web page and check if it's working. It should be working if you followed correctly. Congratulations!
Get Organized with EverNote 

If you are not a fan of codes and long processes, this may not be the best option for you. However, if you are looking for ways on how you can utilize the internet to earn extra income and eventually make a stable income from blogging, learning the basics would greatly help you in your pursuit. Again, the more you learn the more you earn. So, never stop learning. 

The Pros and Cons of Unbocking Ad Blockers - The Smart Way 

  • With a custom ad graphic, you'll have more aesthetic appeal at your website or blog. Your brand will be cohesive and more professional or authoritative.
  • Unfortunately, the steps involved may be too much for those who do not know how to code. Or, too much for the lazy ones. 
Nevertheless, whatever your decide to do, may the odds be ever in your favor. Goodluck in your affiliate pursuits and comment below for feedback, questions, and whatnots. 


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