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Feb 9, 2018

Looking for a domain name but strapped for cash? In order to get credibility on your blog or website, you must have a good domain name. However, if budget is tight, what can you do?

As an advocate of the free net, I am giving away 8 subdomains per domain for free to 8 people. Choose your subdomain:

[your name] 8 Giveaways
[you name] 8 Giveaways

How to Qualify?

Submit your website by contacting us. I will notify you by email if you got picked.
Subject must be: Subdomain Giveaway
Else, your message will be deleted.

Did not make it?
Purchase a yearly subscription for $2.

Cancel anytime. No contract nor auto-subscribe. Renew by re-ordering.

Affordable, easy, professional.


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