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This blog was created to cater to the millennial generation - the generation that gave birth and paved way to youthful adventures, creative entrepreneurs, and adventurous yuppies. Without them (or us), Uber wouldn't have been possible, Postmates wouldn't even be a click, and Amazon Fresh would seem like a funny panda. Hence, just like ProductHunt, may this blog serve to inspire and awaken the curiosity of our generation.

Moreover, you will likely find tons of helpful information here. Please feel free to link back and re-share or re-post anything you find in here provided that you will give me credit for it. Also, my home page lists the most current posts I have, hence, they may all be of different topics not completely related to one another.

Most of the artwork in this blog is a combination of several resources crafted to produce a nice brand for the theme. I currently use a pink, black, and white palette for this blog and have successfully found the ideal template with it. It is always undergoing changes and from time to time, you might encounter broken links, weird stuffs, disarrayed images, and the likes. I code things on my own based on research - so please understand that my website may not look as pristine as you might want it to be.

For more information on what tools and websites I use to liven up my blog, please visit my resources page.

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